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JCrew Linen Herringbone Sportcoat?

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Hey guys, I know JCrew is more of a SW&D brand, but I was wondering about the versatility of the Linen Herringbone Sportcoat in Charcoal ( It seems like a decent deal using the 20% off code this week (FABFEB). I don't really have a well fitting sportcoat, and dropped the ball on the winter sale blazers from JCrew. I'm looking for something that could be worn in a business casual environment, or w/ nice jeans.

Would the linen be something that I could really only wear in spring/summer, or could I use this year round?
Would I be better off just trying to find a wool jacket instead of linen for a first sportcoat?
Are there any other places you'd recommend looking for a reasonably priced jackets?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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I have the same coat in khaki black and I'm able to wear it year round but I live in Texas. It doesn't dip below 40 very often so I've been able to wear it a lot.

Some of the MC crowd don't like the slim lapels but I think it works great on slim guys. It fit me almost perfectly and I just had to have the cuffs altered.
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Yeah, I figure I could layer a sweater under it, or wear an over-coat in the winter. I guess I'm curious if linen is something that should only be worn when it's warm out, or if it's ok to layer it as well. (I understand that this is fairly subjective, just looking for sartorial guidance)
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It's not really a super light weight linen so I think you would be fine. I have been asked several times if it was tweed but I'm guessing it's because people don't know what herringbone is.
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haha, true. I guess it'll look better than what 95% of the guys I see wear anyway...
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The thing I like about this jacket is that it's super easy to wear casually. I've pretty much only worn mine with jeans and it's a bit more interesting than going with a blue blazer.
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I wanted this jacket so bad last year but couldn't justify the when I got the email two days ago saying there was 20% off I couldn't resist. Couldn't let it go two years in a row without getting this. Ludlow cut fits me like a dream. I have the harvest herringbone as well, but that is tweed.
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