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Lightweight Chinos

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It's not quite summer yet (okay, not even close really), but thinking about summer clothes and was wondering what you all did for pants.

I feel as if most chinos are a bit on thick side for a hot and humid summer day. Does anyone go for lightweight cotton chinos? Something like:

The only problem I could see with these is in terms of durability of the thin cotton and if they get too easily wrinkled. Although I suppose wrinkling isn't a big deal since if I need to wear something more formal, I'll have regular chinos to grab instead of these. Plus, they probably can't be worse than something like linen.

So, what do you guys do? Buy lightweight chinos for summertime or suck it up and wear standard weight chinos?
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I just picked up some lightweight 5 pocket chinos from BR.  Kind of essential where I am.  They wrinkle, yes, but are oh so comfortable.  Plus a little wrinkling adds to the casual look.  Just make sure they fit well, not too baggy.  My tailor took in the thigh and legs for $10.

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Brooks Brothers make a cotton-linen chino and they're my go-to pants right now. Otherwise, you could go for a more open weave - I think Bills Khakis have a poplin chino, but yeah, creasing is a problem.
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Any new suggestions for slim fitting, lightweight chinos?


I tried on a pair of Grown and Sewn chinos at Haberdash in Chicago a few weeks ago. Great pants. They were cut like jeans. The material was super thin, which is what I need for the New Orleans summer. Unfortunately, they were $200. For me, a bit much for casual, cotton pants.


Edit: Sorry if I placed this in the wrong thread. I'm new here. I came to the thread via a search, but I'm probably looking more for "streetwear" light chinos than "classic menswear" chinos.

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Saw a very nice pair by Rag & Bone in Barney's the other day. If it weren't for the $300 price tag...
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Ralph Lauren Tissue Chinos are under $100.
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I like Bill's Khakis poplin chinos. I have the M2 model, but if you need a trimmer fit, they also have the M3 slim fit.

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