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Medium Grey vs. Charcoal Suit?

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What do you think?


I currently have no well-fitting suits. I like charcoal as it's conservative and traditional. But the medium grey just seems really nice as well.
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Both look good, but if I had to buy one suit and suit only it would be Navy.

I love medium gray, it really opens up some nice brown shoe options, I find you can dress it down a bit better than the other options.
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Why not get both? icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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How will you be using the suit?  Is it for work?  What is the dress code for work?  Is it for a formal occasion or interview?  Is it for fun, meaning dressing up for social occasions?  It makes a big difference.  The color and style of your suit sends a message like, "I mean serious business." or "I'm relaxed, but I'm still a professional." or "I want to have fun but still look classy."


So, what image do you want your suit to project?

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I'd get charcoal if I only had one suit.
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I will be wearing it for work on rare occasions (generally business casual environment). Other than that, just for dressing up for social occasions.

I MIGHT wear it to an interview depending on what I feel like deciding in terms of career choice (currently in public accounting). Would the medium gray not be acceptable for job interviews? The interviews would likely be for accounting / finance jobs.

And both is an option I suppose... but it's a pricey one! Especially considering I won't wear a suit very often or anything.
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For an occasional suit that you want to rely on for more formal occasions such as a job interview, go with the charcoal or dark gray.  If you wear it infrequently, you will look sharp and draw approving looks.  I mean that people will notice you, especially around the office.


You can supplement the suit with a smart sport coat in navy or light to medium gray.  You should think about a sport coat with some texture, a small check pattern or glen plaid.  You can match the sport coat with chinos, dark jeans, or odd trousers (gray flannel etc.).  It's great for a night out when you want to dress up or for the business casual office.  A well tailored jacket will always improve your appearance.


If you want some flare, you can also pick up a vest (waist coat).  Again, it goes well with chinos or odd trousers and a button down oxford with or without a tie.  You'll make an impression and stand out from the crowd (if that is what you want).

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I notice that both of those suits are listed on the site as charcoal. I assume that the darker is the charcoal and the lighter is in fact medium grey. I'm shopping for a suit as well, and find the terms used by manufacturers for different shades of grey very frustrating. When browsing brand and department store websites I find the classifications seem arbitrary.


I really like the medium grey you posted though. I too am in the accounting field. I think it would be an excellent choice for the often ambiguous business-casual environment.

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