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Need a good suit, FAST

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Hey guys,


Great forum, have been a reader for a while, now need some help..


I live in upstate NY, and I just landed an interview at an Ivy League Business School on Friday. I don't have an appropriate suit for the interview.


Here's my problem.I don't have a lot of time. It's Saturday Afternoon, and I'm going to need the suit ready by Wednesday evening, due to work and travel considerations.


I don't have the time to get much tailoring done, or to run down to NYC to do some proper shopping. I need something that will look good OTR,


I've checked out some local outlets and department stores (JC Penny, Polo, Brooks Bros Outlets), and have been put off by the quality. If I'm going to spend the money, I don't want to regret it later. I will probably be wearing the suit a good amount in the next few years.  

I did see one Brooks 346 suit that I liked, I know it's not their best quality, but the Fitzgerald cut was great, and it was the perfect gray color. But they didn't have my proper sized jacket (They had 38S, not 38).


I'm going to head down to Macy's now. See if anything there is acceptable. But I would REALLY appreciate any help or insight. Any larger department stores you gentlemen know of that stock quality suits? Should I just go cheap and pick something up at H&M?


I'm in the Albany/Saratoga area, if that helps.





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Call BB in Westfield CT and see if they have your size, or call the 1800 number and see if you can have one shipped today. Albany looks like a menswear wasteland from the quick search I did.

Don't spare money on this purchase - a business school cares only how easy it will be to place you in a job in two years, so you should look like you're ready to represent the place already.
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I would go to Macy's and pickup a Polo Ralph Lauren Suit or something of that ilk. They will get it tailored for you fast - just make sure it fits well and looks the part. Focus on conservative - Solid Navy or Gray or something with a modest pinstripe... Buy some suits of higher quality when you have some more time - I think Macy's will do for next week.

I wore a 'Polo' suit (inexpensive) from Macy's when I was in Business School and interviewing for Finance jobs and everything went smoothly... Wait for a Brooks Brothers Sale before you get a second suit. That Polo suit didn't last me more than 2-3 years but it served it's purpose - gave it to good will.
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You didn't mention anything about budget but don't go cheap.  Stick with a solid color navy blue or charcoal gray, solid color no stripes, two or three buttons.  Wear a white dress shirt, point collar (no button downs) with a dark tie (not black) burgundy or navy if its a charcoal suit.  A patterned tie is fine as long as its subtle.  Black dress shoes with closed lacing (balmoral style), avoid loafers.  And a simple white pocket square cotton or linen, TV fold or peaked.  Silk is OK but stick with a ruffle as silk is difficult when it comes to sharp creases.


Obviously, the better the suit fits off the rack the less tailoring you will need.  But, then again, the judicious application of money will get your suit ready on time.


Maybe not exactly what you were asking, but I hope it helps.  Best of luck.


Oh, and you mentioned you didn't like the Brooks Brothers quality.  The Brooks Brothers sack suit is not the gold standard, but you can't go wrong with a Brooks Brothers suit.  Expect to pay at least $800 at retail, maybe half that at the outlet.

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I would check out either BB or a mid-high end dept store (Bloomingdales, etc.) that has in-house tailoring. If you buy today, they can probably tailor it and have it ready by Wed if you tell them you're in a rush. An okay suit tailored to you will look better than most non-tailored more expensive suits.
Don't spare money on this purchase - a business school cares only how easy it will be to place you in a job in two years, so you should look like you're ready to represent the place already.

I agree completely with this. Grad schools and firms go through so many interviewers that looking sharp can be enough to put you over the edge. Make sure to grab some nice shoes too, looking back I realize that was the worst part of my interview outfits for college/grad school and nice shoes can make a huge impression.
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Just go to a shop and get what you can, there is little advice anyone can give other than that given either the notice or the non-existent description of your self.
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Originally Posted by alliswell View Post

Don't spare money on this purchase - a business school cares only how easy it will be to place you in a job in two years, so you should look like you're ready to represent the place already.
+1. I bet most prospective students for B-School and Med School interviews do not wear suits. Dress nicely, but a suit isn't always necessary.
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If you are on budget have a look on Uniqlo, H&M, Zara. Think their offering are better than most Men Warehouse suits.
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Brooks Brothers stores usually does free expedited alterations.
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A suit may not be necessary, but it doesn't hurt.  I recall years ago seeing a study suggesting that doctors shouldn't wear ties.  Ties could carry bacteria and other biological agents from patient to patient.  And doctors have become more relaxed as younger graduates join the ranks,  Nonetheless, a suit says you mean serious business.  And medicine is the most serious business I can think of.  I still suggest going with the best suit you can afford right now.

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My question is based on the statement that the OP has been reading this forum for a while. His question would be rhetorical if that was the case. I'm not intolerant of such questions, there just seems to be an influx of them lately...
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Good point.

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What school is interviewing you?

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Not one, but two posters here with douchey fraternity screenames?
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And one w/a douchey b-school email address, if I'm not mistaken wink.gif
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