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Um, I just started eating oatmeal. I bought big ole flavored Quaker oatmeal box from Costco. Is this a problem?
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I love oatmeal. My usual breakfast is a bowl of steelcut outmeal, plus a small amount of brown sugar and a hand full of frozen rasberries and frozen blueberries. The frozen fruit thaws out in the hot oatmeal providing a delightful result.

Any info on if microwaving it has any negative results?

The peanut butter thing is a good idea-- going to try that tommorrow.
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I am having steel-cut oats as I type this. Definitely tastier than the Quaker oats I was having! I added about half a cup of milk and some honey after it was done cooking.
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Originally Posted by whacked View Post
I have added tuna and peanut butter into oatmeal before. The result was surprisingly satisfying.

This sounds like one of the more disgusting food combinations I've ever heard of.
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I bought the natural peanut butter from Trader Joes'. Peanut butter is so much better unsweetened.
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I tried the peanut butter this morning in my oatmeal+frozen fruit combo in place of the brown sugar I usually add. I have to say that while the peanut butter (this was organic stuff) added a nice nuttiness, I think the oatmealed lacked a certain sweetness the brown sugar provides and it also makes the mixture a little more...sticky and dry. I am thinking about adding a little honey tommorrow.
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