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Trickers Corniche

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Not their finest moment...
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Well worth £200!
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Originally Posted by Northampton Novice View Post

Not their finest moment...

Understatement of the year..
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This one especially

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What in the name of fuck are those?

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They seem to me to be a misguided attempt to cash in on the "yoof" market.It is hard to know who would buy any of these shoes at the prices they are asking.Having said that, I knew a woman who paid £75 for a baseball cap because it was made by Gucci! Maybe she-and others like her-will buy these abominations?

Some of Trickers odder  items -Scotchgrain chukka boots with red soles,waxed leather brogues in 3 clashing colours-can already be found at huge reductions on e-bay.I suspect it won't be long before the entire Corniche range joins their ranks.

I love Trickers boots and brogues and their MTO service but,sadly,I must concur that this current range is an embarrassment to a fine heritage.

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Hmm that other pair, not so good - but these are ok (I think).


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I was drawn to the word "Corniche"

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Hmmm not sure about those Trickers above but these don''t look that bad ? (I think) 


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IMHO, it is the same as Common Projects trying to make dress shoes\ boots...not working...
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It's astonishing how badly they could get it wrong.
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They might as well change their brand to Tricksters, it goes better with this range of shoes.
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The Corniche line has been quite criticized, mainly with good reason - especially looking at the two-tone lace-up boots.


However I actually found the boat shoes, Norfolk, quite a good deal today at a 55% discount. Seems like most of the shops are selling Corniche with a major discount these days.


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