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Your thoughts on designer leather sandals?

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Could they be worn in place of flip flops, or are they too.. um, weird for anyone not Italian in Italy to pull off?




Price, and value for money aside, are they a viable alternative to flip-flops or Timberland-esque sandals? I can't see them being worn at the beach or poolside, so they're probably meant to be summer footwear.

I don't want to look like I got lost in time. I know there are some people who say that confidence is the key to pulling off certain unconventional things, however, there are items (such as crocs) which no amount of confidence can save. I just want to know if the general consensus on such sandals are similar to that of crocs.
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Sandals are not my thing, but those look fine to me.
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I wouldn't wear them. Either stick to flip-flops (plenty of luxury pairs if it's your thing) or switch to drivers/moccasins instead. They aren't quite Croc-level of abomination but they are certainly only a tier below them. Also, I'm 25 so take what I say with a grain of salt if you're middle aged, but if you are middle aged, these will certainly confirm it to everyone else when they see you.
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Please don't.

If you do. Please get a pedicure.

Unless you're a model, it's weird for everyone when you wear sandals.
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Alright, to the newbie Sandalians among you, I'll let you in on something.
The secret of sandal afficienados the world over to ensuring everlasting comfort is.....


....the use of special Sandal Trees.
Yes, it is true that by carefully placing these special devices into the sandals before the first wearing and after every wearing thereafter, the sandal trees will place the proper tension on the straps at precisely the right angle. This in turn makes for instantaneous comfort whenever the mood or need strikes to wear ones sandals. Now it is important to be mindful when purchasing your sandal trees to insist on only the finest quality woods. What most gents fail to recognize is that moisture from the foot still permeates the leather strapping and footbed during wear, and the strict observance to the use of sandal trees will ensure an almost lifelong relationship between you and your sandals. hope this helps.
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1st pair are passable. The others are no way.
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Sandals are for girls. Unless you're Jesus.
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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

Sandals are for girls. Unless you're Jesus.

really cuz i think they are divine
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If you do not trim your toenails regularly, sandals are a viable option that assist in good grooming habit development.
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I don't believe in dressy sandals. I go with Reefs or I wear shoes/sneakers
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Also known as Jerusalem Cruisers.
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I'm an advocate of mature leather sandals as summer attire, and those all qualify as nice ones in my book. The objections come from the same mindset, and usually the same people, who object to jeans and shorts because Victorian english gentlemen didn't find them formal enough.

As an aside, timberland makes a decent pair or two:
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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

Sandals are for girls. Unless you're Jesus.

Well, I am partially middle-eastern...
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I like leather sandals. And I'm not Jesus, despite F Corb's regular confusion.
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We'd call those house slippers.

Only to be worn outside if there is a fire or earthquake. Unless you've escaped from a certain type of hospital . You know the type they take your belt and shoe laces away.
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