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Originally Posted by iloveshoes View Post

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, there are some I find I never wear and actually want to shrink down the collection and maybe purchase something I can enjoy more. I really end up wearing my Santoni's the most and most the others get pushed aside. I have been looking into Vass and am really intrigued by those. I have been researching shoes a lot lately and love learning about the construction of shoes like those.
Thanks for everyone's feedback, I am new to SF and look forward to learning from everyone's knowledge.

If you're a size 12, and want to sell me those croc double monks, send me a PM!
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Originally Posted by Bond77 View Post

If you're a size 12, and want to sell me those croc double monks, send me a PM!

Thanks for the offer! I am a 9.5 D,and I am going to wear these for my wedding.
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Can you tell me if they're still available anywhere? I have the same Mezlan model but in burgundy cordovan. One of my fav pairs.
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I'm not sure. I have actually looked for this pair in a brown but couldn't find it. I got this one of eBay for a steal. Do you happen to know the model name for this one? The box I got with it was for a different pair and I have been trying to figure it out so I could find another pair.
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I know that the cordovan versions came in burgundy and black and were called "Burris". I've seen something similar in ostrich, but never croc.
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Who was it who said "spend twice as much, buy half as much"? I love shoes. But if I am in the mood to blow several hundreds of dollars on shoes, I will pick one or two pairs that I adore and will always want to wear rather than seven or eight pairs that I kinda like and might wear at some point maybe. I understand the impulse to buy things when they're on an excellent sale (I'm guessing that Quadcammer's assessment is correct), but is it really better to have three pairs of AEs than one pair of CJs? And as for that "sale" itch that sometimes must be scratched... Barneys has sales too, you know. wink.gif


Edit: You might consider opening a savings account for shoes. Any time you consider buying something around the midway mark, don't. Instead, pull the amount you would have spent out of your checking account and pop it into that savings account instead. You'll have enough put back for a pair of Lobbs in no time. tongue.gif

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Don't buy anymore until you can afford some next level footwear (EG, JL, etc.). You have enough shoes to last until you can save some money and/or wait for the good deals.
You need to create a shoe fund of $400-$500 to snatch up the good deals. If possible, sell some of your collection. There must be at least 5 or 6 pairs not getting much streetwear?
Once you move up to the next level, there is no coming back. You will stop wearing most of the shoes in your present collection. If you rotate 8-12 pairs of EG, JL, etc., that's all you will need for years to come.
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I love shoes as much as anybody on here but I've come to realise in recent years that I really wear (leather shoes) 7 pairs of shoes plus 2-3 pairs that are seasonal for either winter or summers.  That leaves the other 5 pairs in my closet sitting and worn only few times a year and  I am only reminded how much I like them when I put them on.   I don't have the time to wear and appreciate them as it currently stands. 


There's always a pair of that's 'nice to have' but I've learned to buy only shoes that 'I love' cuz I have no more space and want to really wear what I got. So 12 to 15 pairs is enough for me.

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Originally Posted by Uunottaja View Post

I'm 25, have 14 pairs of handmade shoes and it has more gaps and holes than the plot in Transformers. What I've learned though, is that one pair of C&J and better easily equals two or three pairs of lesser shoes.

Are you sure they are handmade?
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One per foot is generally deemd adequate - with as many changes as you can afford.
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