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Shaving - nivea for men products

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Having sensitive skin, I've had to deal with razor burn from the moment I began shaving. I've always preferred a wet shave and this has encouraged me to seek out the products that performed the best and caused the least irritation. Throughout the years I've tried countless different razors and a multitude of different creams, gels, and after shave balms. I found the Mach 3 caused far too much irritation and that the Sensor Excel worked the best. For me, gels worked better than creams and foams. I tried Clinique's Post Shave Healer, but that didn't work quite as well as Gillette's product, and at nearly four times the cost, I decided to stop using it. I recently noticted Nivea For Men products and have just returned home with the Sensitive After Shave Balm and Sensitive Shaving Gel. Directly on the products they print 'Unscented,' which is what I wanted. As I read the ingredients I noticed the last item listed is 'Fragrance (parfum).' Will someone please explain how a product that contains fragrance can claim to be unscented? I will let you all know how Nivea For Men performs.
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hmmm, that is odd that it would claim to be unscented and include "fragrance" as an ingredient. However, you did say that it listed this as the last item. I know that most companies, when listing ingredients on products, start with the most concentrated and then work their way down. Meaning, the further you read, the less amount of the ingredient is in the product. FYI, This is the same for foods. The most prominent components are at the top. Anyway, you get the picture. So, the label "unscented" means that, yes... they do have a hint of fragrance, but (I'm assuming) not enough to be noticeable. That's logical enough for me. I use Nivea Aftershave Balm, and I absolutely love it. It's very soothing. I have the scented kind and it doesn't bother me at all. It has a VERY nice aroma. I haven't tried the gel. Do tell how it works out.
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"Fragrance free" means a product doesn't contain any fragrances. "Unscented" just means that the product doesn't have much of a scent, which could mean different things to different manufacturers. I'm not sure why a manufacturer would bother adding a fragrance to something they're obviously marketing to people who prefer things to not be scented, but it might be to cover up a slight chemical odor or something like that. As for Nivea for Men products, I love 'em. I use the sensitive skin shaving gel, sensitive skin aftershave balm, double action face wash, and the exfoliater. I like them all, but especially the face wash.
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Anyone know of a good aftershave that doesn't include any alcohol at all? Do the Nivea products? I have been using the Aftershave Gel from The Body Shop and it seems to work pretty well, but am looking for some variety. Thanks Allen
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If you're looking for an aftershave with a fragrance, then most likely they will contain alcohol. However, if on the other hand are looking for one just to soothe the skin, then the Nivea Balm will work. If your current Body Shop Gel works fine for that, then I wouldn't switch. The Nivea Balm has no alcohol and does the same job that the Lab Series and other aftershave balms that I've wasted alot of money on does. Nivea is only $5; I highly recommend it.
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I think that the best shaving products are at the Art of Shaving. Their pre-shave oil and after shave gel are a must. I also love their face wash.
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i also like the anthony logistics for men line of shaving gear along with anything from king of shaves (the former is found at or and the latter at complete lines in both for sensitive skins, preshave oils, rasor burn defences, shaving balms etc the anthony line is premium priced but well worth it the king of shaves line is from the uk, modestly priced (they sell some of it at target stores even) and very good as well
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the king of shaves line is from the uk, modestly priced (they sell some of it at target stores even) and very good as well
I just picked up some King of Shaves shaving gel at Target after seeing Hermes mention it previously.  It's excellent.  (K-Series Sensitive Skin formula with aloe, vitamin E, and tea tree oil.)  It was about US$6 for 6 oz so it's much less expensive than the other shave gels I've tried.  I still think that regular $2 shaving gel from Gillette or Edge is fine for shaving though for most people. And I've gotta say that I find the Mach 3 the best razor I've ever used by far.  Meaning I find it less irritating.  But maybe that's just me.
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