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Mach iii turbo

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Anyone try the new Mach III Turbo blades yet? I saw them inline yesterday at the pharmacy, but couldn't tell any difference, except for the color of the handle. Is this just savvy marketing or are they really better? BTW, I was at Sephora today and while my girlfriend was checking out some of the perfumes, I checked out the men's grooming stuff. The new Aromapharmacy line looks really good, especially the aftershave lotion. The guy gave gave me some free samples of E Shave cream, which i tested out and is awesome.
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I went out to buy new mach3 blades and saw these mach3 turbos, so I decided to give them a shot. Just looking at them the only distinguishable difference is the colors. Using them isn't really all that different, either, in my experience. They seemed to glide slightly more smoothly, but this may have just been a psychological thing. When I go out to buy more blades again, I'll probably just get regular mach3s since they're cheaper. Of course, your experience may vary.
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According to their website, the Mach3Turbo has "anti-friction blades, ultra-soft protective skinguard, a new patented lubrication system, and an improved razor handle." I am a happy Mach 3 user and am also interested in whether these boasts actually translate to a better shave. If anyone's used the new blade, please give us feedback.
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I used them for the 1st time today, and I think I detected a difference. The new Mach iii turbo seems to go smoother, which is important to me since I am guilty of shaving against the grain. I'll let you know more as I use it more...
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I was also intrigued by the new Mach III product, because it looked as if they were better for shaving against the grain (which I always do). Of course, my first thought was "marketing ploy." However, I soon went a bit "Homer Simpson-esque." (ahhhhh, anti-friction.) But I won't use them until I hear positive feedback. One thing: is the handle any different from the regular Mach III? If it isn't, then I'm thinking I could just buy refills for the Turbo and attach them to my original handle. Waddaya think?
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I have to take back what I said previously. A little more experience later, and I would definitely say that the turbos are better than the regular mach3s, especially against the grain (which i do fairly often). As for the handle: it says in somewhat fine print somewhere on the box that mach3 and mach3 turbo's both fit on the same handle type. The only difference in the handles is the color scheme, as far as i can tell. I bought turbo refills and used 'em on my old mach3 handle, and it works just fine. 
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THat answers THAT then old handle, new blades.
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That's right Abe2. Anything to skimp on paying more money.  Joshxfoo, thanks for being the brave soul to go out and buy some of the new blades and give 'em a whirl.
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