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Footwear Etiquette

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As we head into warmer weather, I usually begin to wear loafers and canvas sneakers without socks, particularly with shorts or cuffed up jeans. Where I live, many of my neighbors and friends ask guests to remove their shoes in their homes. I was wondering if you ever have encountered similar situations and if you usually go barefoot in such situation or make sure you are wearing socks if you go to a "shoes-off" house?

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I request "no shoes" in my house, and I always give folks a heads-up about that when they're invited over; I also provide "house shoes" (a Japanese custom I picked up living there).

If I *know* I'm headed someplace where shoes will be removed, I certainly wear socks. That said, I've been ambushed with it a few times, and I just happily complied with my bare feet smile.gif

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We are a shoes off house. We all wear slippers.I wear stylish leather slippers.guests are warned in advance that we are a shoes off house so they can bring slippers or socks with them if they choose. When visiting I take my slippers. Not everyone like their guests to go barefoot or in socks.
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wear no-show socks (that cover more foot and don't get mistaken for peds) such as Falkes; problem solved.
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Where's that thread on this same subject that got pretty heated?
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