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Toronto: Suits, Dress Shirts & Dress Shoes Shopping Guide?

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Hello everyone,


I will be starting work in Toronto financial industry starting this May 2012.


It will be my everyday requirement to wear suit.



In my work wear wardrobe I would like  to start with Solid Blue Suit & Charcoal Suit both single breated & my budget is $400 to $600.


2) Dress Shirts:

I would like to start with 7 pair of dress shirts and I need suggestion on my choice of colours for these shirts.


3) Dress Shoes

after my research I am big fan of Allen Edmonds however $350 is out of my budget.


Could anyone please recommend me places for all these 3 items.


All the help is greatly appreciated.


Thank You




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Other then buying online or i would suggest going to an oitlet in the us.

Nmlc or off saks would be able to help u.

If u r looking in the city
Perhaps harry rosen outlet in mississauga or
Holt renfree last call in vaughan mills
Shopping center
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At this point, your needs will exceed your savings/income. YMMV in outlet shopping in the GTA. In that price range, try Tom's in Kensington Market. It's wearable til you can afford better. Suits at the Rosen and HR outlets will bump into your top end and be mainly Coppley or something like that. You might find Boss or the odd Samuealson for $600. Even at the outlet, the stray Zegna would be double that unless their is a huge sale going on. One more caveat, most of the discounted suits you will find will not usually be in the classic patterns, you might have to be flexible as long as it is blue/ grey. When I was starting out, I had a windowpane suit, it became known as the "clearance sale" suit because the joke was that all of the suits on sale were checked and if you had one, you got it on sale.

Those outlets usually have decent dress shirt deals, couple of white, whole lot of blues, the odd striped or pink one. They have some decent deals at Brooks Brothers often. Doesn't hurt to browse now and then.

In Toronto, even at the high end, you are pretty much SOL on dress shoes. Try the AE guy on the B/S. Best deal on AE I've found is Rego, at about $299 Boxing Week with a small but wide selection of the better AEs. Below that it's absolutely a joke. I'm willing to spend, but other than AE and the odd Ferragamo, it's forget it. EG and BB are recent to the city and pass your price point. Wear in the ballpark cheapies or go online. Don't forget a couple of ties, especially if you only have a couple of suits. Get real ties, those BR jobs are excusable if you're starting out, but after a while, they don't cut it, along with the cheap looking printed ones from the department stores.
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1) Suits:  Right now I think Gotstyle is having their clearance sale for the season, the SAs there can be very helpful if you get the right one and their suits are always at least half-canvassed.  Their house brand will be in your price range and while I don't own one personally I have a few friends that do and they are happy with them.  Brooks Brothers is having a clearance sale as well, but I don't know what the suit prices are like, they usually start about 25 percent higher than the US.


2) Shirts: Depends on your body shape and price range.  Colour depends on your complexion.


3) Shoes:  Allen Edmonds can be found at the Mississauga outlet at around $250 but the selection is very limited.  I have personally had little luck with shoes at the Holt Renfrew outlet in Vaughn but I have heard of some good buys, mainly on this SF.  

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If you can swing a trip to Montreal, you could go to Samuelsohn directly and get some fairly decent stuff in your range.

It's a bit of a trip from Toronto, but you'll get a good suit in your price range. I was there recently and there is a decent selection available. Definitely some basic navy and charcoal.
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I concur with above.

1) & 2) & 3) Try to get out to the Heartland Centre in Mississauga and/or Vaughan Mills Centre. Both of these malls have clearance stock on higher end clothes. End of lines, etc.

Also, regarding shoes, sift through the threads via this link:

Welcome to Styleforum and best of luck with the new job.
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For suits, I'd head to the Hugo Boss & Saks outlet in Buffalo.
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Not sure what you would generally get in term of discount, but here're the dates of the upcoming Samuelsohn trunk show at Harry Rosen:

ON Etobicoke Harry Rosen 03-09 Mar-12
ON Mississauga Harry Rosen 10-16 Mar-12
ON Ottawa Harry Rosen 10-16 Mar-12
ON Toronto Harry Rosen (Bloor) 24-30 Mar-12
ON Toronto Harry Rosen (Eaton Ctr.) 17-23 Mar-12
ON Toronto Harry Rosen (FCP) 17-23 Mar-12
ON Toronto Harry Rosen (Yorkdale) 10-16 Mar-12
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Here's what I would do:

Hop on a Porter flight to NYC:

- Suitsupply, great half canvassed suits around $400-460 (Way better than Boss at half the price)
- Century 21, lots of ties ($30-45), shirts ($40-60), and AEs ($200)
- Also tons of other discount chains.

What you will save vs shopping in Toronto, will pay for the $300 airfare, and 1 nights hotel.
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Curious to hear about peoples' experiences with Tom's Place. Is it hard to find a decent suit there at a good price? Are most of the sale items rubbish?



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Tom's Place has okay stuff for the prices they charge. Think of them in between Moore's and Harry Rosen in price. Don't expect discount Kiton, but for entry and mid level, it's okay. YMMV. If you had a $600 limit on suits, say $75 for dress shirts and $300 for shoes at Harry or Holt's, 80% of the merchandise would be out of reach. Worth a bowse if you are in the Kensington Market area.
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How old is the OP? No one in finance expects the new guy to be showing up in much of anything and no one should either comment or look at you twice, people are busy.

This said I'd add that after you have built a decent rotation of shirts(blue and white) and are making some free cash get on the Turnbull email list and watch for the semi annual sales. Call the NY store or Simon in Beverly Hills (310) 550-7600 and they will email you pics of shirts in your size. I've done this for years and at $100 a shirt the price can not be beat. If you get 2-4 a sale you will soon have 50+ shirts and they will last a life time.

I can't add for suits as SF ruined me for retail but my first suits were from Tip Top many years back and at the time were more than fair for the position I was in. Like others say on this site fit is more important than make so FIND A TAILOR.
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Thank you everyone for awesome replys,I will be taking in to consideration  everyone's advise when I am looking for suit. will keep you posted.

Any review on Tom's place?


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What's Moore's like? Anything decent there? (Am I gonna get smacked for that?)

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Originally Posted by jonnieFox View Post

What's Moore's like? Anything decent there? (Am I gonna get smacked for that?)


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