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New schick four-blade razor

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I know I am likely to be publicly berated and pilloried for asking such a callow question by the resident technophobes, but has anybody else tried out the new Schick Quattro razor? I just finished reading the thread about classick straight razors and am still cringing at the tales of blood, gore and mayhem. all in the name of.......ummmm, .......uh........well, I STILL don't know why anybody would use a straight razor. Anway, my wife swears that my face is even smoother and softer than a baby's butt and have yet to experience even the slightest nick. I too have notoriously thin and gushable skin and a heavy beard, so this seems an answer to prayer. Anyone else?
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I'm on it. The Gillette Mach3 was, to me, a revelation. Can this be better?
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I love my Mach 3, and have no problems with it.  Actually with the shave cream I use and my technique, I don't know if anything can improve upon my shave.  The 4 blade razor seems to be too gimmicky to justify the price.  But then again thats what they said about the mach 3 i guess.
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I went to pick up the Quattro because I had just spent my last Mach3 blade and I figured this was as good a time as ever to try something new. To my delight, the Quattro was less expensive than the Mach3, and the replacement blades were much MUCH less expensive than the Mach3 replacement blades. Haven't tried the shave yet, but I'm pleased w/ the price. 8.75$ for the razor (with one extra blade) and 5 bucks for 3 extra blades.
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Huuuhhhh... 4 blades... I think I'll wait to a 5 blade razor comes to the market....
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I finally tried it out. Although the shave was close, I did find it a bit bulky and cumbersome under the nose and around parts of my neck.
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Finally caved in and bought one. The shave's pretty much what I get with a Mach 3 Turbo: very close. Plus: It's cheaper than the Mach 3 by about a dollar or so Minus: It's bulkier--perhaps it's more ergonomic, but it's not as comfortable to hold Maybe I'm just a brand whore, or have far too much sentimental value to a freakin' razor, but I'll stick to the Mach 3. At least the Quattro's not a bad backup.
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Thought this was an interesting read on this subject.
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Can you use Mach 3 blades and Quattro blades on the same razor, that is, are the blades interchangable? I have a nice horn razor that takes Mach 3 blades, and am wondering if Quattros would work on it.
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