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Trench coat fit

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I'm new to this forum, so I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section. My apologies if so.


I just purchased a trenchcoat and I'm not sure about the size. It should be fitted at the chest, but with the top button open the fabric seems to pull the button at the chest area. I can do everything without problems, reaching down and lacing my shoes, sitting down etc. So it really comes down to the chest area...


The size is 52, it indicates the chest is 43,5", my chest is between 40 and 41".


I would greatly appreciate any opinions on this.



IMG00095-20120214-0053.jpg 292k .jpg file


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No one? Isn't this the right section? If so, where to place?

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I can't see the picture so I can't comment on how that particular one fit you. However, the taged sizing on most garments is just a ballpark. You shold never buy clothes based only on the tagged size. The garment needs to fit. If buying on line at least know the measurements.

Trench coats are meant as overcoats which means they have to fit over layers such as a jacket. In fact, you should always try on a trench coat over a jacket. I you did not wear one that day, the sales person should provide one. The shoulders and length should be correct (over a jacket) and the chest should not be tight. A belted trench will give you the ability to bring in the waist.
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Thank you for the reply.


Sorry about the image, I have uploaded it to 2 places now, hope one of them works.


I already own a trenchcoat that goes as an overcoat, and it's large enough to fit over a jacket. That's not the purpose of this trenchcoat, it's meant as a 'trendy' coat over shirts and/or light knitwear on days that aren't so cold. This also means that the top button doesn't really need to be fastened.


It is supposed to be slim-fitted. Everything feels like a very good fit on me but my worry is the chest area...


On the picture I am wearing 3 layers under the coat; a t-shirt, a l/s shirt and a chunky knit cardigan (pretty packed) and am slightly pulling back my left shoulder to emphasize the 'problem' area.






More info:

It's a Burberry Prorsum trench and the biggest size in store was a 54 and only the chest goes up an inch and waist goes up half an inch. Shoulders, sleeve and total length stay the same. I am guessing this indicates it is not a traditional 'overcoat' trenchcoat.


I am still able to return the coat untill upcoming tuesday, so I have a little time to think it over. Ofcourse I consulted a few people like friends and family and they all think it's a nice coat and it fits, but they aren't really into clothing like some people on this board might be.

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some pull on top left for sure, it looks good otherwise
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Well, as you stated it is not a traditional coat and does not fit traditionally. It is from their fashion forward line so if that is the look you are going for then rock it! Most people on this forum are more interested in style than fashion so you may not get too much feedback.

If I was attempting to pull off such a look, I would get hints on how it is supposed to fit (based on the designer's intentions) from model pictures. Keep in mind that Burburry has a policy of underfeeding their models and their body build probably does not resemble yours. In the end, it is a question of personal style and choice. The general rule of thumb is: "If you have to ask..." however, I have had questionable stuff grow on me so that that for what its worth.
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Thank you for your reply Patek.

Originally Posted by Patek View Post

Keep in mind that Burburry has a policy of underfeeding their models and their body build probably does not resemble yours.

Hahaha, so true about this. I always thought some of those models looked ridiculously skinny on the Burberry site!


You have a good point with style vs. fashion. It's only been a little less than a year that I decided to empty my wardrobe and replace everything (I'm a young adult). Along the way I ofcourse noticed significant differences in the style and fit of certain brands and I'm not sure which way to go. A bit loose fitted ofcourse feels more comfortable, makes for a classic look and gives more room for layers. But slim fitted feels good too (although I need to get used to it) and can be very flattering, especially for tall, average built men (like myself).


All I know is i don't want to go too fashion forward. I like the classic/stylish look alot, keep it mostly at essentials, with a bit of edge here and there. Basically I want to dress like a gentleman.


Is there a good thread on here that can guide me a bit with this matter?

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Hi guys,
sorry to hijack an old threat but my account is fairly new and it still won't let me to create new topics.
wanted to buy a trench for quite a while and final got round up anAquascutum Corby single breasted coat. Decided to go for the sngle as ill be wearing it open at least as much as closed and I'm not cnvined that I'd be able to pull off a double breasted as I'm only 5'8"!
Anyway, I was torn between a 38 or 40 in size - 38 was a more fitted look but felt maybe a little restrictive around the shoulders when worn with a suit jacket underneath. 
Again, I'll probably wear it both with and without a suit and I'm ot 100% sure about the fit of the 40. Please take a look at the links pictures and tell me what you think.
Please disregard the length of the sleeves, they are a bit long but ill have at corrected once I've made a final decision on the size. I'm also pretty happy with the length of the coat - difficult to see in the photos but it ends about an inch above my kneecap - any longer and it'd make me look even shorter!
My main concern is the shoulders and chest - want more of a traditional fit rather than a painted on trendy look. So, what do you think?
closed but tied back.
open and tied back
closed no suit jacket
closed with suit jacket
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