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I read recently that Chapeau! sneakers are made in the same factory as CP's and they are almost identical. Perhaps if you can't find info on CP you could on Chapeau! and follow that lead..

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I did some research on Chapeau! and also Common projects but didn't come a long way through internet.


Does anyone else have more information on the production companies that make trainers with the same sole CP and Chapeau! uses?

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AFAIK the sole is used by many sneakers; Android Homme and some other stuff, even some cheapo sneakers use the same sole.
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it's just common project, who cares it's made by italian or chinese or mexican. You are paying for the 'Made in Italy". As long as the shoes are comfortable and not trash quality.
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Originally Posted by Dodo View Post

I realize that many of you don't care about what i would like to know but, if anybody knows where Common Projects are made i would like to go there and tell the forum about my visit.
I come from Italy and I'm of Marche the region where shoes and other fashion things are Made. I'm a guide for Who want to go and Buy the fashion Made in italy. Anyway If someone want to realize everything fashionable in leather or other write me as in this region everything is possible because of artisans
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I'm a fashion guide or personal shopper. I come from Italy and I'm of Marche region where the shoes and the most important brands are Made. If you are interested in this field write to me as I could put you in Contact with the most important artisans the can realize your projects
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common projects

oliver Sweeney

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Doing a little shoe browsing, stumbled on the handle of the sole that CP, National Standard and a bunch of high-end sneakers use. They are Margom soles, manufactured by an apparently famous Italian shoe company called Margom. Some sources seem to indicate that the uppers are stitched to the sole, not just glued. Thought I'd note this here.
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the sole is great in terms of durability, possibly the best? Not very exclusive though. I've seen that cheap Asos sneakers use it from time to time.

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hi can you get me the Address? 

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Hi I am interested in contact details for Margom as well. I am surprised that so many brands use them. They are so many high-end sneakers now with $400 price tags that appear to use the exact same sole component. It's slightly odd really.
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Have you heard of google?
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Google? Sorry what's that.

No I actually was also curious about where the rest of the shoe is manufactured. I know the soles are Margom, as are everyone else's. It has become a bit of a default which is a shame when you are dropping $400 on a pair of new wheels.

It would be great to learn where the tops are made though, as the leatherwork and quality is superb.
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I am looking for Margom Shoe Soles. Would anyone be able to help me in this matter? I would greatly appreciate it.

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RIP Dodo


killed by the italian sneaker mafia

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