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Western style Denim shirts?

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Who makes the best western style denim shirts?


I am specifically looking for classic indigo colored with non contrasting stitching and white pearl snaps. But recommendations outside of that limited scope are welcome.

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I like the ones from RRL (when offered) and the ones from
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I like this one a lot, except for the buttons:

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I'd say RRL for sure.
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white pearl snaps ? best to go to some vintage shop and scour the western shirts section, tons of snaps there
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There's always Levi's - I find their shirts pretty decent for the price
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I have a really great shirt from Wrangler. I found it at a thrift shop, it fis perfectly, has pearly buttons, a great collar. I wear it more than the J. Crew denim shirt I bought.
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Levi's take on the shirt is pretty much classic: clear, blue indigo, and mother of pearl snaps.

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The Levi's and RRL shirts look really nice.


This is really close to what I'm looking for:


If it just had less of the light wash. Also not into the pocket embroidery.


This is also close:


Too light colored though.

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Longhorn or shorthorn - I can't remember which one refers to the style of pockets which are sort of reversed triangular, but Flathead, and Spellbound make nice looking ones. LVC also makes a hot one, but good luck finding it (every once and a while you'll see a vintage piece by RRL on ebay as well)

Sawtooth - LVC makes them, as does Flathead, and Jcrew (indigo denim western). The LVC I never liked (collar points too big and pocket flaps too big), the Flathead would never fit, so I bought the Jcrew and it is great - fantastic shirt (quite dense as well).

Iron heart makes some great looking ones, almost invariably thick as well, and people speak highly of them. But I never bought the one I was considering (IHSH-33), because they are expensive and I'm turned off by how long the collar points appear.

RRL - great (amazing) shirts for limited edition $220 pieces. But for the newer pieces I would not pay more than 50% off retail price.

Wrangler - the 27mw is a fantastic shirt, also spoken of very highly, but no longer available since a year or two ago I believe. Some are still floating around though.

There are a bunch others as well.
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i took a punt on one by Lee that was on sale for something like 70% off from UO and was actually really impressed by it, denim is thin but the fit and color (a grayer blue in person) are excellent. minimal branding too.



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I got one from Levi's about a week ago, it was very nice and only around $65.

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flathead is real nice but they have alot of options

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