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Gray hair on a 30yr old

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I am 30 yr old Asian guy with salt and pepper hair. I stopped dyeing my about three years ago after painstakingly subjecting myself to this ordeal for 4 years. There are days when I like it (the youthful face and gray hair, I've been told looks quite good) but there are also days, more actually, when I hate it. I know I won't dye it black or a dark brown ever again but I'd like to know if there's a wash or a dye for graying hair to make it more even out? There's more gray hair on the both sides of my head than on top and short of dyeing the top white, what can I do? I have a thick head of hair if that helps. Thanks guys..
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I've never heard anything good about the various "rinse away gray" products, a la Grecian Formula. (I've never tried them myself.) The only things I'd recommend are 1) having it done professionally at a salon, or 2) accepting it as it is. I lean towards accepting it. Both men and women tend to respect gray hair on a man as looking distinguished and mature. (How unfortunate for women that they suffer from subjection to a sexist double standard.) If you have a youthful face, as you say, and you keep in good shape, people will be amazed that you don't age for the next 15-20 years or so. We should all be so lucky.
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After all, George Clooney is considered a sex symbol.
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I had used the "just for men," products with varying success. Finally I took the product to the salon and had the stylist apply the product. The result was very satisfactory. Good Luck
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