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I was fortunate enough to just finish up watching this whole series this week totally unmolested by spoilers... or even knowing anything at all about the plot what-so-ever.

I don't really follow sci-fi genre (but have fanatical cousins/friends). Luckily I went in watching this series with the wife total Galactica virgins (we watched episodes in bunches throughout this month).

That said:

the mini series (the 1.5hr 1st part), season 1 and season 2 are amazing. A+ level television even if you don't follow sci fi... the writing is impeccable.

season 3 is depressing and has multiple clunker WTF?! I JUST WASTED AN HOUR OF MY LIFE episodes... which pissed me off but still had me in love with the series...

the beginning of season 4 (the razor) was excellent but totally frivolous too.

season 4 till the ending suuuuuuuuuuccccckeeeeed for me... all the characters became total asshole versions of themselves to the point where I was openly hoping the cylons would kill them off or they'd die. Literally every main character becomes a fucking asinine used tampon to the point where I would be angered every time the stupid president would be part of a storyline.

After just finishing the last episode tonight... and reassessing the whole series I wouldn't watch it over again - just the president alone annoyed the bejesus out of me even in the A+ level seasons 1-2... by the time seasons 3 and 4 rolled along I just wished she died.

sometimes series should be cut off for their own good... like after the 1st season of heros... or the 4th season of Lost.