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Anyone else here live Primal/Paleo?

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Primal has changed my entire life .. dropped tons of weight, feeling GREAT, cholestorol/bloodpressure/blood sugar all in line (they werent that outta wack before but being over 300lbs before it wouldnt have been long before at age 34 it started causing other issues) ..


anyways ..


anyone else live/eat primal here?


for those that dont know: is probably the best source of info .. (site is a forum, not selling anything)


its basically no grains, sugars, dairy (Some eat dairy) .. meats, some veggies, some fruits .. more whole body thinking regarding working out as opposed to isolation because does it really matter if you can curl 180 but cant get yourself over a fence when running? basically getting back to our caveman roots and living like our bodies were designed too, not like the last few hundred years has tried to change us into (obviously not working with all of societies health issues)


anyways ..


just curious if im alone on here .. ive converted about 10 other people, most are just looking to get more ripped, some to drop weight .. ive lost about 100lbs and in 6 months .. feeling AWESOME ..


Grok on!

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I'm interested in all things primal, but even going beyond just diet. That website has some great info.
I've been avoiding going completely paleo because of this:
Originally Posted by touchdowntodd View Post

ive lost about 100lbs and in 6 months
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why does that make you want to avoid it? i feel AWESOME, and all my health issues are gone ...


if youre concerned because you are skinny already, it will not make u skinnier, just more toned etc .. and healthy

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wait, you're asking this on an internet forum? True paleos use slate and chisel to communicate.
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I see from the link that the paleos have developed tools for woodworking. It won't be long before they are building cities and leading sedentary lifestyles and then we're just right back to where we started.
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Tdt, that is fantastic that you have cut a 100 pounds! You probably don't have much more to go.

But you should know that the Paleo diet is not healthy. Have a look at Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's website He has worked with Bill Clinton, among others.
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