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I recently bought some Dr. Bronners and a 3oz bottle for traveling from the Container store (the one from Dr. Bronners seems like it will spill in your bag quite easily). I haven't tried it out yet all the way through , but it seemed to be ok when I added some to water in my sink. If I remember maybe I'll try to use it this weekend.

It doesn't really foam, I'll try it sometime, I have some Ex-Officio underwear I use for light travel.. As I only bring two pairs of underwear when i go overseas, I wash everyday.

You'll probably run out though on your travels pretty quickly, I'd just buy something in each country or use hotel provided shampoo. Maybe get a small bottle full but then refill it as necessary. Not optimal, but probably easier.
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Yeah, that's definitely something I'd buy along the way - maybe bring a small bottle of Doc B's (All One! Dilute! Dilute!) to start with.
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Flight and hostel are booked for tomorrow boys!

Now to take my backpacks out of the box and pack one of them!
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^^^Sounds good... Enjoy!
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good luck, enjoy. post your itinarary, I am sure we will cross paths.
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Have fun Rambo.

Post a pic of all your gear when you get a chance.
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Enjoy! Looking forward to updates
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Awesome, have fun Rambo!
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Have a blaaaast. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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gl hf
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Bon voyage, Rambo.
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I'm picturing him making it as far as the crawlspace under the neighbor's porch, like a runaway 5 year old.
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