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Originally Posted by Teger View Post


Indeed. Ten days until lift off. no?
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More or less. I haven't even looked into backpacks yet!

Looking like Jamaica, then the DR, then Cuba, and then into Mexico. Following that, winding my way southward through the CA's and into South America.
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whats after the americas?
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Rambo, you may have addressed this in here but I didn't really want to read 17 pages... Why the decision of the islands and South America instead of Europe? Was the decision mostly motivated by cost?
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Reynard - neither. Its a matter of progression. The islands are closest, and I thought it would be a good place to start. Then, the closest is into Mexico and I can progress southward from there into central and south america. After that, I'm going to head into Africa/ME and Europe. Or Europe and Africa/ME. Then Eastern Europe and Asia

Still haven't chosen a backpack or gotten any supplies together.
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Maybe if you spent less time being a horrible scrabble player/fapper and more time at a travel shop you'd actually be somewhere by now.
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what's a travel shop?
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A shop wher you buy goods for travel! foo.gif
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

what's a travel shop?

That's your first problem.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post

That's your first problem.

So we're both asshole's then. Great. Now fill me in, genius.
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A place like this: http://www.distantlands.com/

I mean, it can be overpriced because it's independent but it's great to look around and find things that you might not have thought about for your trip.

Another point that's REALLY worth mentioning is to talk to your bank about the trip and see what their policy is with regards to having a back-up ATM card. Having one mailed to you abroad is a clusterfuck of clusterfucks. Without a back-up, your itinerary plays to the whim of FedEx and their offices abroad. One week? Two weeks?

For most people, this isn't really a concern, but for the kind of traveling you're doing, the card can be lost/stolen, copied at an ATM, or eaten by a machine. In the past three years, all three have happened to my old man while living and traveling through South America.

An alternative to having a copy would be to set cash aside for a friend, a really good one, maybe one that's a doctor, who won't spend it on booze (on second thought, maybe not a doc), in case you need money wired via Western Union. Like I told you with Cuba, it's a good option to have.
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You're homeless in four days, aren't you? When's take off date?
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I'll be staying with the person I used to take care of. Looks like my Nashville trip isn't happening after all :sadpanda:. Going to be going to Jamaica towards the end of the first week of April.

Two Q's for tonight before I get completely hammered:

- Looks like I'm going to be ditching my iPhone. Any recommendations on a good phone that will be usefully pretty much everywhere?

-Do you think I need one of those money belt/fanny pack things to hide my shit in while I'm walking around?
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