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Recommend a barber or stylist in chicago.

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I've tried a handful of places in the five years I've been in Chi. I've had a couple nice cuts, a bunch of average cuts and a few really bad ones. Some of the good cuts were followed by average-to-poor cuts by the same people. Is it me or do barbers and stylists get bored if they've seen your head before? So, I'm looking for a new place to go and/or person to see. I live in Logan Square near the Blue Line and I work southwest of the Loop also near the Blue Line. Some place convenient to either home or work would be great but isn't necessary. There's no need to recommend anyplace that isn't within, say, five miles of downtown and/or my "˜hood. My hair is fine and wavy-to-curly. My hairline has receded a bit and my hair is thinning on top but still grows thick on the back and sides. If I still had all my hair I'd probably have it long or long-ish but now I'm forced to keep it medium-to-short in length. I'll be 40 in a few months. Ideally, my new hair-cutter will know how to use a razor or thinning shears to reduce the bulk on the back and sides of my head so that it better matches the top. I'm not looking for trendy but I'm not a banker or CPA. I attend far more indie rock shows than I do corporate functions. So, I'm hip enough to want a cut that's not boring but I'm smart enough to know that it isn't 1988 anymore and that my hair loss makes this a little more difficult. I don't mind being the oldest guy at the rock club but I don't want to be the pathetic, living-in-the-past old guy at the club. Know what I mean? I'd prefer not to spend more than $25 plus tip. Yeah, I'm cheap but for a 10-20 minute haircut that adds up to $100-150 an hour. I figure anybody making that much per hour should be pretty good at what he or she does. I'm not opposed to paying more if you can make a convincing case for the person or shop you recommend. I paid $70 for a haircut once. If it had been seven times better than some of the $10 haircuts I've had or even twice as good as the $35 haircuts I've had I would have gone back. If you recommend a shop instead a specific person please mention if the shop takes walk-ins. Thanks fellas. kvlt
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I actually lived in Chitown up until January, and THE BEST place to go there is Marianne Storkirk salon on 41 Oak St. Price is about 45-100 depending on the stylist, I personally loved how Jannelle cut my hair, and she costed $65. Absolutely great haircuts every time, after two times in the shop, she never even asked me what I wanted, she just went right at it and made it look perfect. I definitely recommend this place.
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$65 ?.?.
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Navystyles, It is kinda ridiculous, I know...
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Sal's Barber Shop in Roscoe Village (Roscoe just west of Damen). The only problem: enormous waits as Sal is an institution in that neighborhood. Plan to grab a number and come back two hours later. Price $12.
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