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Originally Posted by mrjosh
This has been an incredibly educational thread--and I am totally picking up a pair of Ande's jeans now.

me too
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you were talking about fit/denim in relation to good quality. stitching has alot to do with a good quality jean. And if you don't know about stitching, then you don't know how jeans are constructed and therefore, you can't be the judge of what's good and what's not. It's like being a movie critique, but all you critique is the cinematography, and from that you judge what's good and what's not. If you don't know what goes into making a film, you don't understand the dialog, and you dont' appreciate the acting, then you don't understand film and therefore you are not in the position to critique. Same thing with jeans.

I wasn't disagreeing with you that stitching is important, since that was the case I wasn't talking about it as we are in agreement that stitching is important. I was talking about fit being a component of quality because that's a point we disagree on. I look at the stitching of every pair of jeans I consider buying. If it's poor I don't even bother. If it's good then I go for feel and fit. Good quality jeans should feel good, should be comfortable and give a good range of motion. If they don't fit well it's because they were a generic design and therefore not as much time and effort was put into designing them, therefore lower quality of workmanship.
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Originally Posted by masqueofhastur
If they don't fit well it's because they were a generic design and therefore not as much time and effort was put into designing them, therefore lower quality of workmanship.

Sorry, but that's nonsense. No pair of jeans can fit everyone well. There are models (the Nudie Regular Ralph comes to mind) that fits most people, but even then there are exceptions. Also, poor workmanship and poor design are two different things altogether.
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Originally Posted by masqueofhastur
Good quality jeans should feel good, should be comfortable and give a good range of motion.

that's so incredibly subjective and has nothing to do with what's being discussed (i.e. abstract quality). Someone else might prefer jeans that are really tight and restrictive (and between SuFu and SF there are quite a few), does this mean that they are not interested a quality product as well???
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jeans can be over-constructed what is the point of heavy-duty construction and hardware that outlives the fabric? we like jeans because they break down, yeah? i would take copper rivets over silver any day of the week because of how the metal ages. superdurability is for immortals
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Originally Posted by quid
me too

Too late guys... Ande's taking a break until Feb 19th.
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I would suggest this underdog Indonesian brand called Hanzo. Indonesian owned and Japanese inspired. Their debut article TS105SS can be considered as a good durable jeans. This article is made from Zimbabwe cotton and stitched with polycore threads, which is perfect for rugged activities. 19 ounces per square yard unsanforized denim and using Zimbabwe cotton for durability. Very comfortable to be worn every day. They pay heavy attention to details as well, such as:


Small Width of Selvedge line 
They used small selvedge line in order to attain wonderful fading result and also it gives a pressure to the selvedge to be exposed during fading.



Traditional hand Felled yoke 
This construction is special because it really utilizes superior skills of the tailor. No machine attachment are capable of making construction such as this one, moreover this is one strong construction. This detailed construction is inspired by the old time jeans where chain stitch and overlock machine were not founded or used yet. 



Raised belt loop and back pocket 
They utilized raised belt loop without rope to achieve durability and beautiful fading as concomitant to wearing.



Tight rear pocket and Full reinforced back pocket 
At the back pocket, they designed it to be tight as a purpose to prevent pickpocketing. Next, it is to attain high durability and long lasting.



Daruma Pocket Bag 
Daruma has a rich design in symbolism and is widely recognized as a lucky charm for good luck by the Japanese. It is also seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement, shown when Daruma dolls are thrown to the ground, they will stand again. They print the Daruma Dolls on their pocket bag as a symbol of their sincere prayers that their denim shall be the patron's companion for life that brings good luck and as a symbol of eagerness. 
Curved stitch on the bottom of front pocket 
They understand that during sea wash, some sands may still be left in the pocket. Their curved stitch shall prevent the sand to stay in the pocket. 


For a Rp 1.600.000 or US$140, I personally think that this denim is worth every penny.

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I think you have to ask what you are looking for in the new jeans. Do you want some new jeans pre-faded that fit good and will rotate in and out of your wardrobe; or are you looking for a a companion that will accompany you for the next 6 months to a couple of years, molding to you reflecting your life.
If you are looking for the first type then I say go to the gap during a sale and pick up two to three fits you like.
If you are looking to invest your time I say go with Nudies or naked and famous....for the money.

Regardless of what people say, chain stitching, construction, hidden rivets, blah blah blah.....I've never had a pair of jeans fall apart or have stitches come undone, and this is coming from someone who works outside for a living building buildings and makes big rocks into small rocks.

Now I do appreciate good craftsmanship and uniqueness so I love my iron hearts and momotaro....but the fits resemble old school jeans, they are not your flattering cuts and I don't like where they source their cotton.

I love my Nudies because they are socially responsible......I'm no longer in to brands that use zimbobwe cottons or cotton from other oppressive regimes. ....they also have a crazy variety of fits and fabrics at price points that appeals to a wide economic groups.

If you are out there rustling cattle or regularly turning big rocks to little rocks, your probably not going to put that much stress on the jeans that you have to worry about them falling apart or needing chain stitching.
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Here you go

Unbranded are cheap and a killer deal for the dollar......if you buy from them, they will even chain stitch the hem using a union special.
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Nice, a random resurrection of a nearly seven year old thread. Well done, very nonchalant.

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Yea sorry bout that, couldn't help my self.
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Originally Posted by andrewc View Post

Can someone please direct me to some retailers which sell high-quality jeans at affordable prices? Any input would be much appreciated, thanks!

I haven't read the whole thread, but my first reaction is TKMAXX,,or if you're in the US TJMAXX

You won't find raw Japanese Selvedge denim (unless you're Really luck!!!), but the stock arrives daily, probably cheaper in the US, but "premium " brands reduced in the UK from £2-300 down to about £29.99

Then there are the Orange ticket sales, I copped a pair of Black Cheap Mondays for £3.97($5!)

They often only have one of each, so you have to hit lucky with the sizes, but the reductions are genuine, and in between the junk pile of rails there are some amazing designer have to be patient and maybe go back several times..

I could find you jeans at $2mUS, or even more...I've been wearing jeans for 35 years on the Holy Grail...and I donate my worn out jeans to the Jeansmuseum in Zurich to be immortalised forever...but that's another story..I've bought more jeans than you've had hot dinners but sold off the ones that didn't work and currently have a rotation and a Very difficult resolution to keep not to buy any more jeans until 2.2.2015, made on 6th November 2013 and not broken yet, unlike my previous attempt, which I broke 24 times!!!

Good luck - I hope that as this isn't a recent thread you've found some great jeans by now, but a good tip off for the future..

I've got giant books on denim, have every word written about jeans, tried most brands and had several pairs made for me.

If I keep my resolution it will be nothing short of a miracle, and I'll start 2015 chasing the best pair that my credit cards will take..

smile.gifsmile.gif:)when I die I want to go to denim heaven!
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Originally Posted by andrewc View Post

jeans under a buck are great

Try ebay:happy:
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Originally Posted by mr bunbury View Post

This has been an incredibly educational thread--and I am totally picking up a pair of Ande's jeans now.

Got this far in Reading..and realised I'd wasted my time!!!

Good luck with your new jeans

Enjoy wearing them into dust!smile.gif
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I don't understand why a 7 year old thread was bumped
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