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For a suit or sportcoat, the most important measurements are you shoulder measurement and length. Most lengths are listed BOC or bottom of collar. Go try on some jackets and find one that comes down just far enough to cover the gluteal fold of your butt. Once you find the perfect length, measure from the bottom the jacket's collar to the bottom edge of the jacket. This is how you measure your shoulders:
You can have someone do this or (preferably) get your measurement from a tailor. In my opinion, these are the two most important measurements when shopping online because the shoulders and the length of the coat cannot easily be adjusted. Chest, waist, sleeve, and sleeve length can all be changed relatively inexpensively.
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You need to know your proper size; so your chest measurement and height. Otherwise, it's really a matter of trying different suits on, as Despos as said. For myself, after a while of owning different suits, I have a pretty good idea of dimensions such as shoulder width and jacket/sleeve length which work best for me. It's tough to know that stuff unless you actually have several suits that you can sit down and measure; and that still doesn't account for the cut of the suit anyways. So it just goes full circle back to simply trying things out.

edit: oops, didn't see reidrothchild's post
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The areas I indicated previously are obvious ones that anyone would see. One can understand the excitement of procuring a quality and expensive item. I felt the OP's excitement. This is why I did the arrows on his photos. Now that the OP has had time to think and reconsider, it becomes evident that an alterations endeavour on these suits would prove a waste of money.
Therefore I fully support the sound advice that Despos has given. Chalk it down to experience and let these suits go or sell them or trade them with another member here on SF. Something more appropriate will come.

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The suit does not fit you and you should not let the brand sway you into liking this suit. The jacket and trouser need so much work and the kind of work that requires a skilled craftsman that it won't be worth it. Before thrifting and ebay purchases you want to go out and try on as many suits as you can, regardless of price, to learn which cut and size works with your body type and then shop for what you know will work. This suit is too far off, walk away.

+1 and well said Despos.
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