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You know what to do.
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Hi guys, I'm on the lookout for bow ties, any color, design, etc. preferably from brands like Brooks Brothers or something comparable, but open to others. I can pay money or find something to trade if you're also on the lookout for something as well. 


Also, any regular tie that is PINK.. Thanks!

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Updated wish list for me. I'm part of the June NPC and don't plan on breaking rules but I'm all set to load up after that so hit me!

40R spring/summer sport coats - gun clubs, checks, or a summer navy blazer - definitely looking for linens or summer weight wools and avoiding regular cottons

12e shoes - Alden, Allen Edmonds, or comparable makers that I may not be familiar with

A trench in either beige or navy

32 waist summer pants - open weave, linen, tropical wools but no chinos please. Inseam needs to be a 34 or be able to be tailored to reach a 34

spring/summer ties in various colors and patterns. As long as it's in good taste I probably will not be too picky but I'd rather add knits later

Filson bag in navy
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Any 40's need a staple navy blazer? I've got a beautiful bespoke piece that unfortunately has no label on it. It is definitely bespoke, with hand-stitched buttonholes, hand-padded lapels, and subtle pick-stitching all over. It's likely from an English tailoring house, as the buttons are from the King Alfred School Society in London. Condition is excellent. Looking for cash or trades. 



Chest (armpit to armpit): 21
Shoulders (seam to seam): 18
Sleeves (from shoulder seam): 23.5 + 1
Length (from bottom of collar): 29.75






Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



















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Originally Posted by hooker4186 View Post

Also I have an RLPL mtm polo navy with smoke mop buttons I'm looking to move, size is about a Medium.


P2P 22
Sleeve 8.5
Shoulder 18
Length boc 26.5
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Hey all,

Looking to find stuff in either 8 for shoes, 36 jackets, XS/S shirts. 

I have a pair of basically brand new J&M Tassel loafers. I'm literally pissed because they are 10.5 and I can't wear them. Shoot me a PM!

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I have a pair of nice linen sport coats in the 40/41 range. Both measure roughly 17.5" in the shoulders, 21" Pit to Pit, and 31.5" from the bottom of the collar. Sleeves are roughly 25.5".

Asking $27.00 Each shipped or will sell the pair for $48.00

FR Tripler & Co.

Woodhouse Lynch Clothiers (Former Columbus Ohio Men's Store http://www.dispatch.com/content/stor...0_D49A6H6.html)

Recent Southwick Price of Wales Sport Coat - $22.00 Shipped

measures more like a 43/44...Tagged 46R???

Shoulders - 20.5"
Pit to Pit - 23"
Sleeves - 25"
Length - 32"
Two Button/Single Vent

Recent Hickey Freeman Windowpane Sport Coat - $25.00 Shipped

Tagged 44R...... 52 % Silk / 48% Wool. Very soft and in excellent condition...considered lengthening the arms and keeping it.

Shoulders - 20"
Pit to Pit - 23.5"
Sleeves - 24"
Length - 32"
Two Button/Single Vent

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Trade me all of those whimsical/small animal pattern ties you don't want for my normal looking ties.





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Repps are all 8.5/10 the last one is more like a 6/10 because of a run but great otherwise. 




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Floral is 8.5/10, Linen is 8/10 (slightly wrinkled) also 4", Paisly is 9/10 and 3"





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)








Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



8./10, It has this slight crinkle in the lining at the tip of the tie, but since it's exactly in the middle it almost seems like it's on purpose because it flairs it out just slightly.





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


9.78/10 Super recent and probably never worn (aside from me trying it on with a few outfits but never actually wearing out). Self tipped. Not sure why I don't have a label pic. To me the silk feels nicer than any Hermes or Charvet I've ever picked up but what do I know. 


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BB Medium

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Ferragamo, Bean Boots, Alden-Need a resole

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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GONE - Alden Brown Suede Tassel Loafers - 9 A/C... for trade... pic color is a bit more red than in real life - call it milk chocolate color

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Sorry - gone PM if interested... trees not included
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those are so fucking nice

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I hope CesarC snatched those up. OK homies, I have a buisness wardrobe in 49/50L to move, and I WANT RLPL polo's, any other decent polo, and  SOME MOTHERFUCKING SPECTATORS IN 8-8.5 D. Also have recent Canali suit in 40S.

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I want you n00bs to click on my FS threads and make me INSANE OFFERS on all my items. So I can has dollars. On the quick.*

*Not applicable to Hermes. Some conditions apply.
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OK, time to clean out the closet a bit. Normally I'm wide open to trades, but for the moment I'm in need of cash so I won't be as interested in trading.
I’ll start to list these in the Sales forum if they don’t get interest here, but this has to be the first stop, gotta give thrift bros the first shot. For the sake of space, I'll spoiler all but one picture per item.
In addition to all this stuff, I've got a pair of AE PTBs and a Hickey Freeman suit down in my sig. Check them out if they're your size.

42L Polo PRL Tweed – Brown Herringbone with subtle striping in many colors. Beautiful pattern, somebody should grab this
IMG_4560_zps93feb110.jpg Extra Photos (Click to show)
th_IMG_4563_zps7e129952.jpg th_IMG_4564_zps80cb30a3.jpg

Chester Barrie for Carroll & Co Wool/Cashmere tweed. Gray and Charcoal herringbone with wine, mustard, and blue (can’t come up with a good food term for blue…) over striping. This is a gorgeous jacket, and a good enough reason to come up with ways to wear a gray jacket. And check out that lining! Unfortunately, the sizing seems to be a bit outside the normal range. Tagged a 46, but I don’t think so. See measurements.
PTP 23
SHD 20.5
WST 21.5
SLV 24
BOC 31.5
IMG_4565_zps4c6375be.jpg Extra Pictures! (Click to show)

15.5x33 Polo Ralph Lauren Script Label
IMG_4881_zps39d040bc.jpg Extras (Click to show)
These use real MOP buttons, don’t they?
If you gotta have a pony on the shirt, at least put it in the gusset!

15.5 x 33 Charles Tyrwhitt FC Blue Glen Plaid pattern with yellow overstripe
IMG_4885_zps1ec21b0a.jpg Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Ermenegildo Zegna Longsleeved "polo" shirt. Size 54

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I find myself in need of:

1) a pair of high quality mid- to light beige kid suede elbow patches for a tweed SC (victims of a semi-successful wool stain removal experiment); and

2) a beaten to hell pair of braces with leather fasteners that I can harvest to rehabilitate an awesome pair of polka dot braces that have tragically lost one fastener.

edit: in testament to how awesome this community is, the items have been located. thanks!
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