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For trade


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Hart Schaffner Marx (claimed)



Hickey Freeman (claimed)


Arnie (claimed)


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Originally Posted by mexicutioner View Post

is that all? there's actually more haha 

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Hickey Freeman shirt, L (Click to show)




100 percent cotton. Woven in Italy. Made in Turkey.


26" sleeve

25.5" p2p

21" shoulder

Saint Andrews windowpane trousers (Click to show)






16.5" flat across waistband

39.25" length from bottom of waistband to end of hem

1.5" cuff


Facconable jacket shirt thing (Click to show)




Tagged L. Designed in France, tailored in Hong Kong.

10% cashmere/90% wool. Fully lined. Double vent. 


24 3/8 p2p

23 waist (across 2nd button from bottom)

25 sleeve

21 shoulder

31.5 length


Oxxford blazer, 42 S (Click to show)








PM me for measurements.




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if any of you guys need a staple navy blazer, check the trading spreadsheet, i just added two more. i now have 46R, 44L and 42L in either HF or Faconnable (made in italy). everyone needs a navy blazer!
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Who's a 38S?

Didn't grab it yet because I haven't memorized (or documented on my ipod) people's sizes and general preferences, but I can go back for this Hickey Freeman. Pardon the ipod pics, but it is a bluish-gray nailhead pattern, 38S, with the pants listed as 33 (but I think they were let out). Single vent, and dated to 1990 if I recall correctly. In spite of the age, the suit seemed in very good shape, and didn't have the dry cleaning shine that so many things have. Would love to trade for a 40R suit, or for anything else of comparable value.

th_photo-18.jpg th_photo-17.jpg th_photo-16.jpg

Also up for trades are the Church's loafers I mentioned earlier on the bragging thread.
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Originally Posted by mikeH View Post

Who's a 38S?

i also found something cool in 38S over the weekend (NWT BB 1818 Fitzgerald SC in off-white) and would have proxied it but i don't know of anyone who's a 38S.
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Updating the 38S Hickey Freeman above ( I went ahead and picked it up, so I can provide measurements. I'll return it in a few days if there's no interest. C'mon, there must be more than one 38S checking this thread!
PTP 20.75
Shoulders 17.5
Sleeves 24
29 from bottom of collar

Pants are 38 total length (including the waistband)
17 across the waistband.

Single vent, pants pleated and cuffed.
There are a couple of pictures above, here are two more:

One of the jacket cuff. I think there was a mistake (but easily correctable) made in stitching the cuff, but it caused me to notice that the cuffs are open, and could easily be made to have working buttonholes if you're inclined. They are there, just sewn together.

Would love to trade for another suit, but I'm a sucker for shoes, and frankly, would trade for anything nice.

By the way, I've nearly finished the process of convincing myself that those suede loafers are going to work for me. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I made a mega-thread full of SC's for sale or trade; recently been put in a bad spot so pretty much everything has to go...

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hey dudes,
i have a pair of 10.5 D AE park avenues in dark brown that are too big for me. if you happen to have a brown or black pair in 10D (or even a 9.5D) and need a 10.5 D, let's talk.

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Originally Posted by mexicutioner View Post

hey dudes,
i have a pair of 10.5 D AE park avenues in dark brown that are too big for me. if you happen to have a brown or black pair in 10D (or even a 9.5D) and need a 10.5 D, let's talk.

inlove.gif I love my brown ones



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yeah these shoes are sweet. i have a half-dozen pairs of AE's, but the leather on the PA's is way nicer and more supple than any of the others. i'm guessing AE knows that the PA is their "CEO" shoe, so they save the best leather for them. i NEED to find a pair in my size!!! ffffuuuu.gif
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Is that the standard brown PA (5845)? The color looks so much richer than the ones on AE's web site.
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the inside reads:

10 1/2 D 5655

that number doesn't match up with any of the PA's on the AE website. i know that nordstrom sometimes gets exclusive color makeups that aren't available elsewhere (like the player's shoe in walnut calf, i think the AE website had them only in suede and not in any calfskin colors) but who knows where these originated from.

these things appear quite new. the only weird thing is that the right shoe has an imprint on the inside of the heel that reads "PROFOOT" in reverse, i'm guessing the original owner had some sort of foot problems (maybe one leg was shorter than the other) and bought these, used some sort of insert, didnt' like the way it felt, then got rid of them after only a few wearings. there's basically no creasing in the upper, and the "Allen Edmonds" written on the inside is still 100% intact. such weird things one can find.
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A few random items in various sizes, extra pictures and details upon request:



Ravazzolo Navy Blue Blazer (40) (Click to show)

Hand tailored, pick stitching, canvassed, awesome buttons - note: unvented:




Ravazzolo Button.jpg


Ravazzolo Tag.jpg



Carroll & Co. Brown/Charcoal Almost Tweedy Coat (40) (Click to show)

Looks either Brown or Gray dependeing on light, horn buttons, canvassed, very light and subtle multi-color stripes, slim fitting, p2p = 20':




C&C pattern.jpg


C&C label.jpg



Gold/Yellow Corneliani Windowpane Sport Coat (44) w/ Flaw (Click to show)

Very good looking, double vented, soft, canvassed but with a tiny flaw in the very bottom of the front:


Corneliani Coat.jpg


Corneliani Pattern.jpg


Corneliani Tag.jpg


Corneliani Coat Flaw.jpg


Black Aquascutum Trench/Macintosh (40s) (Click to show)

Fly front, belt-less, hacking pockets:









J Press Brown Tweed (44) (Click to show)

Thick, heavy tweed in brown with very light striping, patch pockets, horn buttons.  requires some lining to be re-sewn in the inside shoulder:


J Press Tweed.jpg


J Press Pocket.jpg


J Press Label.jpg




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