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More shirts $4 bucks each plus shipping OBO. All in good condition



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dude, you are doing a service to other members selling those shirts for $4. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I'm open to trades on the Samuelsohn sport coat I have on B&S (see sig and earlier post). It's a 40/42 (Really, about a 41) and in tip top shape. Awesome fall/winter weight, and definitely in seasonal colors. How could you go wrong?

What I'm looking for:

- 15/15.5 32-33 plain blue or white dress shirts that are must iron (none of that non-iron bs). prefer spread collar, but will consider bd. good (not necessarily great) companies (to wit: BB, JPress, GitmanBros, etc,)

- mid-gray lightweight wool and flannel flat front pants. 33 or 34 waist, or 32 with some room to let out, and standard rise (10"-11"). Length not an issue, b/c I'll just have to get it tailored anyway.
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I wish this suit was longer; I'd keep it for myself. Any of you 38S thrift thread regulars interested before I list it in B&S?

Hickey Freeman Loro Piana 110S Charcoal with chalk pinstripes

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shirts $5 bucks each plus shipping OBO. All in good condition



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Faconnable corduroy pant 38Wx30(+2)L, some slight wear to the nap in a couple of places

Open for trade, or to sell at cost +shipping due to wear



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







Waist: 19

Inseam: 30(+2)

Rise: 12

Thigh: 12.5


Canali browns houndstooth SC, wool+cashmere EU 52R (US 42R)

Some slight sweat marks on lining of cuffs, otherwise immaculate.  Open to trades, before I put it in B&S.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Accurate color:







Chest: 22.5

Waist: 21

Shoulder: 21

BOC: 30

Sleeve: 25(+1)

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I have several nice suits to trade for your thrifted shoe finds.

Brooks Bros, Made in Italy, 42 S, Navy Stripe,

Brooks Bros Made in US, 43 S, Charcoal Stripe,

Hugo Boss, Made in US Grayish Brown, 42 R

Brioni for Battaglia 46 L, Blue Birdseye w/ windowpane, DB

Polo RL Made in Italy (Corneliani?) 3 Btn, Tan, 44L

Polo RL Made in Italy (Corneliani?) 3 Btn, Navy, 42L

Oxxford, Charcoal w/ Red Window Pane, 44R

Burstow & Logsdail of London, 40-42 ish Brown Birdseye, DB, Surgeons Cuffs

Please IM for pix, if you are interested
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Here's a PM I sent out to some of you:





Hi All,


First of all, I apologize for all of the drama I've caused, PM's I haven't answered, and general tomfoolery that I've exhibited.


I'm messaging you all to say this:

I can't sell directly.  The amount of items that I'm dealing with is simply overwhelming.


Here is what I can do:*greek/m.html?_ipg&_from&_nkw&_armrs=1&_sop=10


Most new items will be going up on that eBay account (and fairly quickly).  I am strategically pricing items very high.  Most items will go up as buy it now, or best offer.


If you see an item that you want, please PM me on here with an offer.  I can guarantee 25% off, and in most cases quite a bit more.  


I'm really looking forward to receiving your PM's, and giving deals when I can!


Best Wishes,




Summary:  Find stuff you want on that eBay account, PM me with an offer for good deals!

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Here's the deal:


I'm posting basic pictures of all of these items to the bragging thread.  Please PM me with offers on items.

I will sell these items for a bit below the deal I'd give to you once it's posted on eBay, the condition being, I can't take anymore pictures, and I can't take measurements.

Otherwise, just wait until these items are listed on eBay, then PM me with an offer!




Condition: 9 (excellent+ - nwot), 8 (excellent), 7 (very good)




Loro Piana, Linen, White, 36 (8)

Thom Browne, TB4 (9)

Zegna, Brown,Pleated, 40 (8)



Robert Graham Blazer, Salmon, 46R (7)

Borrelli Luxury Vintage Blazer, grey, 40S (8)

Etro Blazer 40S (3)

Gianluca Isaia Blazer 56L (8)

Paul Smith Blazer Sport Coat 46R (8)

Gucci Suit (50 drop 7 R) (7)

Allegri Nylon Jacket XL (8)

Dries Van Noten Blazer 52 (7)



Balenciaga l/s 40 (9)

Prada l/s 15 (9)

Dior Tee x 2, L fits S (8)

Etro l/s, grey swirls, xxl (9)

Turnbull & Asser 15.5 (9)

RRL M (8)

Etro, Colorful Floral 16.5 (8)

Etro white, xxl (8)

Etro, white/blue stripe, 16.5 (9)

RLPL, white blue check, L (8)

Paul Smith, pink/purple 16 (9)

Paul Smith, red stripe, 16.5 (9)

Robert Graham, white, xl (4)

RLPL, black white stripe, 16.5 (9)

RLPL, tan, heavy, xxl (9)

Michael Bastian, white, 17.5 (7.5)

RLPL blue stripes, xxl (9)

Loro Piana, pink linen, xxxl (8)

Loro Piana, blue linen, xxl (7.5)

RLPL, dark blue, L (7)

Cifonelli, l/s polo, xl, (7)

Burberry Sweater, xl (7.5)

Marc Jacobs tee, s, (7)

Luciano Barbera vest, L, nwt (10)

Alexander McQueen tee, M, (8)

MMM line 10 tee white, L (8)

MMM line 10 tee grey, L (8)

Ballantyne Polo, S (8)

MMM line 10 vest, L fits M (8)

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Aight thrift homies and others... This is my shirt pile (for sale). I NEED to move some of this shit, because as you can tell i've probably got 100-200 lying around. Nothing in the pile is really worse than Zegna (maybe a few cool Jhane barnes) but i've got Ricci, Hermes, TA etc in there as well.  im almost guaranteed to have your size, and unless its one of the top tier brands ill let these bad boys go for anywhere from 20-25 shipped. If you get 5 i'll do an even 100, if you get more than that we can probably talk about $15 per. Im running short on cash now in law school and could really use the space/money. GET AT ME BROS. Just tell me your size and ill try to get pics up of all the shirts or a list at least.

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Whatcha got in a 16/41 x 34-35?

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Originally Posted by grendel View Post

Whatcha got in a 16/41 x 34-35?

+1! fight[1].gif

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16.5 neck and SLIM FIT. anything +33" in sleeve since I can get those long armed ones shortened. Thanks, man.
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17 1/2 x 35, please....
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All available, left to right;
T&A pleated spread collar tuxedo shirt 16-41
Hilditch & Key 16-41
Zegna 16.5-41
BB Original Polo 16.5-33
Paul Smith London Italian made 15.5-39
TM Lewin 16-36

Also available;
midnight blue, fully canvassed, on the larger side (44+). Will measure up if there is interest.
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