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I have a few things around that I'm getting rid of and everything is cost + shipping. I will be in the US on the 26th and I'm willing to pack these things and bring them over, so shipping prices will be based within the US (and will be shipped on the 27th-28th). Alternatively, if you only want the buttons from the shirt, let me know and I'll cut them off for you (but please pay for the shirt). Measurements on request!

White Lorenzini Shirt 16 1/2 EU 42: Small stains on inside collar, not seen when worn €6

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Harris & Harold Shirt M 39/40 Mint with shell buttons €4

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

John Lord Plaid Sport Shirt Size M €4

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Women's Vinyard Vines Polo Size L €4

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Hugo Boss Yellow Sport Shirt Size 39, shell buttons €5

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Shoes, made in England. I believe these are Loakes, but there is no insole. Nice shape. UK 9E €10

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Silver, rectangular cufflinks. €3
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Zegna Belt, black leather strap is 43.5" long without the buckle. Wear at places, missing a bit of finish but nice buckle. €5

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Trend by Corneliani partially lined jacket. Patch pockets, 50R. A bit of loose stitching under one of the arms. €30

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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I've edited in measurements, etc, for a Zegna blazer at the bottom.

I mentioned this on the brag thread the other day, but now it's officially here, with measurements!

Canali Proposta DB (6x2) "Tuxedo" Dinner suit. Not just the standard black fabric that all the domestic makers use, check out the closeups for an idea of the texture. It isn't overpowering, but it makes the suit a little more interesting - I wish it were my size.

6x2 DB ventless jacket, which is how it should be. The cuff buttons are not actually working, so they won't present an alteration problem, but the cuffs can be finished as working cuffs (They're open, just not cut, etc.) Only real downside, and not a major one, is that the trousers are pleated. They are not cuffed, and they have a satin waistband to match the side stripe.
Tagged (EU) 58L so around a 46L, but see measurements.

PTP 24 1/2
SHD 21 5/8
BOC 33 1/2
SLV 26 1/2

Waist 17 1/2
Outseam 45
Inseam 32 3/4

I included both shots of the jacket because the lighter one, while horrible with regard to color, makes it easier to see the lines. The color is actually a very rich black.
th_021-1.jpg th_022.jpg th_017.jpg th_016.jpg th_020-1.jpg
Like I say, the fabric is interesting, not that it stands out at a distance. th_018.jpg th_019-1.jpg

$100 if no trades are available?

Adding the Zegna DB Blazer measurements:

The blazer needs to be pressed, thus the wrinkled pictures. Still, a very nice piece.
PTP 24.75
SHD 21
BOC 32
SLV 25.25

Double breasted, 6x2, side vented. Beautiful, soft fabric. Lots of pick stitching.
As you can see in one pic, one of the sleeve cuff buttons is missing, however, a 6x2 can go with three cuff buttons anyway, so I'd have those three placed properly and remove one of the four on the other sleeve.

th_009.jpg th_008.jpg th_011.jpg th_012.jpg th_013.jpg th_014.jpg

$75 unless I can get a trade deal?

I'm most interested in a trade for stuff in my sizes (see sig) but would consider a cash offer as well.
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Blazer added above. It struck me after adding it that nobody would know without a bump.
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I've been looking for some slim fit casual chinos for myself for a while now.  All I really want is a good slim fit and no pleats, so something like a J crew or Uniqlo pair would be great. In ~31x32.

Also looking for a nice rucksack or messenger bag, so if anyone finds one keep me in mind.


I've got a few things to trade (some shirts and shoes and a pretty nice briefcase) but cash works too.


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If anyone has a winter coat laying around with shoulders not wider than 18 3/4" and not longer from bottom of collar than 39" I'd be interested.

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Originally Posted by Alfred001 View Post

If anyone has a winter coat laying around with shoulders not wider than 18 3/4" and not longer from bottom of collar than 39" I'd be interested.

What kind of coat are you looking for?
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Originally Posted by eazye View Post

What kind of coat are you looking for?


I don't really have very specific criteria, just looking for something that buttons up, not on zipper. Also, something dark (ideally black).


I said maximum 39" length from bottom of collar, but I'd prefer something shorter, like around 33".

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I'm looking for a decent leather/canvas or soft sided leather briefcase satchel type thingie with a handle and shoulder strap.

Anyone got one to sell?
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I've been behind in listing stuff on eBay and B&S and need to clean out the closets for an upcoming move. I thought I'd throw everything up here before moving it to eBay. I'd like to get about $15 per shirt/sweater plus shipping, but open to offers. The only trades I'm open to right now is slim-fitting flat-front pants in 34/30.

Shirts for sale - All shirts are in excellent condition with no visible wear to the cuffs or collar points. All photos here.

Two Brooks Brothers OCBDs – Size Large
Neck-16.5”, Shoulder-20.5”, P2P-25”, Sleeve-36”, Length-33”
th_IMG_9087.jpg th_IMG_9088.jpg th_IMG_9092.jpg th_IMG_9093.jpg

NWT Lands End Raised cotton – Size Large
Neck-17”, Shoulder-20”, P2P-25”, Sleeve-33”, Length-36”
th_IMG_9097.jpg th_IMG_9099.jpg

Billy Reid Hidden button button-down – Size Large (one of the MOP buttons is chipped but the shirt has replacement buttons on the placket. I just haven't gotten around to replacing it yet)
Neck-15.5”, Shoulder-19”, P2P-24”, Sleeve-35”, Length-32”
th_IMG_9103.jpg th_IMG_9104.jpg

17X35 Books Brothers made in USA Button-down ginham
Neck-16.5”, Shoulder-20.5”, P2P-26”, Sleeve-35”, Length-34”
th_IMG_9110.jpg th_IMG_9111.jpg

16X34 - Charles Tyrwhitt Classic French Cuff
Neck-15.25”, Shoulder-19”, P2P-23”, Sleeve-33”, Length-34”
th_IMG_9116.jpg th_IMG_9117.jpg

16X34 - Brooks Brothers Regular Fit Check made in US Shirt
Neck-15.75”, Shoulder-20”, P2P-23.5”, Sleeve-34”, Length-32”
th_IMG_9122.jpg th_IMG_9123.jpg

16X34.5 – Thomas Pink Purple Stripe French Cuff
Neck-15.5”, Shoulder-19.5”, P2P-23.5”, Sleeve-34.5”, Length-31.5”
th_IMG_9127.jpg th_IMG_9128.jpg

Hamilton Shirtmakers – April 2010 – measures 16.5X34
Neck-16.5”, Shoulder-20.25”, P2P-25”, Sleeve-34”, Length-32”
th_IMG_9133.jpg th_IMG_9134.jpg

Zegna – 16 X 32 – Made in Turkey
Neck-16”, Shoulder-19.75”, P2P-21.5”, Sleeve-32”, Length-32”
th_IMG_9139.jpg th_IMG_9140.jpg

Two 16X36 - Charles Tyrwhitt Light Blue Check Shirts
Neck-15.75”, Shoulder-20”, P2P-24”, Sleeve-36”, Length-35”
th_IMG_9145.jpg th_IMG_9147.jpg

Zegna XXL – Made in Italy hidden button-down (17.25X35)
Neck-17.25”, Shoulder-22”, P2P-26”, Sleeve-35”, Length-34”
th_IMG_9151.jpg th_IMG_9152.jpg

Three Size XL Charles Tyrwhitt OCBDs (measure 17X36)
Neck-17”, Shoulder-20”, P2P-25.5”, Sleeve-36”, Length-34”
th_IMG_9328-1.jpg th_IMG_9329.jpg th_IMG_9327.jpg th_IMG_9326.jpg th_IMG_9158.jpg th_IMG_9157.jpg

Thomas Pink Superfine 16.5 X 36 French Cuff
Neck-16.25”, Shoulder-20”, P2P-24.5”, Sleeve-36”, Length-36”
th_IMG_9162.jpg th_IMG_9163.jpg

Ben Silver Pink OCBD – 17X 34
Neck-17”, Shoulder-21”, P2P-28”, Sleeve-33.75”, Length-33”
th_IMG_9359.jpg th_IMG_9361.jpg

Seize Sur Vingt – Measures 15.75 X 37 (tagged 42 long)
Neck-15.75”, Shoulder-19”, P2P-24”, Sleeve-36.75”, Length-31”
th_IMG_8121.jpg th_IMG_8115.jpg

Sweaters for sale All sweater are in excellent condition with no holes that I can find (the Aran has a pull), but some have minor piling. All photos here.

Brooks Brothers Pink/Blue Cotton Argyle -Size Large
Shoulder-18”, P2P-22.5”
th_IMG_8829.jpg th_IMG_8830.jpg

Brooks Brothers Blue Scottish Lambswool -Size Large
Shoulder-18”, P2P-23”
th_IMG_8831.jpg th_IMG_8832.jpg

Brooks Brothers Olive Lambswool-Size Large
Shoulder-19”, P2P-23”
th_IMG_8833.jpg th_IMG_8834.jpg

Lands End Wool cardigan vest– Size Medium
Shoulder-17”, P2P-21”
th_IMG_8835.jpg th_IMG_8836.jpg

Facconable Merino Wool– Size Extra Large
Shoulder-18”, P2P-24”
th_IMG_8837.jpg th_IMG_8838.jpg

Lands End Shetland – Size large
P2P-24”, Sleeve-34”, Length-27”
th_IMG_9331.jpg th_IMG_9332.jpg th_IMG_9334.jpg

J Crew Lambswool– Size Medium
P2P-22”, Sleeve-36”, Length-25.5”
th_IMG_9336.jpg th_IMG_9337.jpg th_IMG_9338.jpg th_IMG_9339.jpg

Barbour zip - Size Small
P2P-21”, Sleeve-31”, Length-27”
th_IMG_9340-1.jpg th_IMG_9341.jpg th_IMG_9342.jpg th_IMG_9343.jpg

Aran Crafts Irish wool – Size Large (note that the sweater has a pull on the left sleeve; shown in pic 2)
P2P-22.5”, Sleeve-33”, Length-27”
th_IMG_9346.jpg th_IMG_9347.jpg th_IMG_9350.jpg th_IMG_9351.jpg

William Lockie Lambswool -Size 46"
P2P-24”, Sleeve-34”, Length-29”
th_IMG_8354.jpg th_IMG_8388.jpg th_IMG_8389.jpg th_IMG_8392.jpg th_IMG_8394.jpg
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Ok, anyone who can rock a 42R measuring 31 length, chest 22, shoulder 19.25 sleeve 24. Pants- Waist 39', inseam 28.5... If you want a brown w/ red glenplaid fully canvased suit with LP 100's for the low low price of $15+shipping get at me. I have no earthly idea why it hasn't sold other than the weird pants... H. Freeman and Sons, relatively recent. 2000's i believe.

Look in my gallery for pics. Last time I offered stuff for cost It was a HUGE expenditure of my energy and 90% of people didn't get anything, so im going minimal effort here. Sorry bros, but if you want it you can find hte pics easily, and its an awesome deal.

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Ok guys, Ill try another round here:

Shirts, Ive got a ton of 16.5 (some are 42 IT) shirts and also a few 17.
Mainly-BB Golden Fleece, a Barba (17), Some Polo, Borrelli, and Isaia, a few hand made lesser known Italian brands. I can either sell or trade on these bad boys.
Essentially if you are interested, pm me and we can talk.
I also have SC's (44R & 42R), Pants, a few suits as well!
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I've got several things sitting around I'd like to see go to a good home. PM me and we'll make a deal.


Photos below descriptions:


Shirts (l-r)

Zegna 15 / 34

Canali 17 / 35

Canali 17 / 36

Canali 17 / 35

Canali 17.5 / 35



Holland & Holland shirt, 15 / 34



Hilditch & Key shirt 17 / 33




Pal Zileri Abito Privato (MTM line) sport coat

p2p - 24

Shoulders - 21

Sleeves - 25 (working cuffs)

Length from BOC - 32.5


J. Peterman unstructured cotton sport coat, size 40

p2p - 22

Shoulders - 19

Sleeves - 25.5 (working cuffs)

Length from BOC - 31


Samuelsohn tweed sport coat

p2p: 21.5
Shoulders: 19
Length: 31.5
Sleeve: 25.5



Samuelsohn heavy cotton sport coat

p2p: 24
Shoulders: 20
Length: 31.5
Sleeve: 25.5



Pants below:


Incotex for Ermenegildo Zegna, 34 waist, 31 inseam


Ermenegildo Zegna made in Italy, 34 waist, 31.5 inseam


Brooks Brothers made in Canada, 34 waist, 32 inseam


Incotex chino-lino, 37 waist, 30 inseam

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I need to post a massive roundup of all the stuff I have around the house, but until then, allow me to post this proxy offer.

I saw a pair of Vintage Florsheim Longwings the other day. 5 nails in the arch, V-cleat, the whole nine yards. They'd be mine except that they were 11.5 D. I'd have bought them to sell except that they had been recognized as worth a bit more and given a somewhat higher price. Not extravagant by any means, but enough that after shipping and everything else, I wouldn't clear much and didn't want to go through the selling process and risk for it. If anyone is interested (I'll try to get my only pic up shortly) I can proxy them for you.
They've been worn, but are nowhere near ready for a resole. Miles ahead.
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I am looking for some more tailored cut suits in a 38R 32-34x32. If you have something like this, get at me.

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today popped into one store, got BB leather belt in burgundy, tagged 38 (measures 38" to center hole). has some white scuffs as pictured by the tail and some scuffs by the buckle (from a cell phone holster?). willing to sell for reasonable offer or trade for similar color belt (to match alden color 8) in tagged 34 (32" waist) or some decent mid gray flannel trousers or anything else you need to offload.

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