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Originally Posted by thefastlife View Post

wow, that's really nice. a bit over my budget and i only have one power drill. was hoping for some kind of heavy duty canvas bag, not unlike this:


Klein's been at it for 150+ years, hard to go wrong with them.
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Looking for a dressier pair of boots for business casual and streetwear. Size 11D or there-abouts. Cheap is good.

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Going through my pile of stuff in an attempt to organize and culled these.
Thought I'd offer em up for cost before I re-donate.
let me know if you want further details

Bullock & Jones made in England. Super soft leather. Tagged 42
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Orphan 44l
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Canadian Sweater Co. No size, 18" p2p, needs a going over with a sweater stone

All black. All wool. Size 34 from 1965. Moth nibbles.

Black suede chelseas 10.5. New, except for an hour of wear inside but collected dust. Fenestriere
Bally wingtips 9. little wear, but stains on the toes that became more prominent after I shampooed them

Oxford waxed cotton made in England 38

All 17 or xl. casual Psychobunny pink gingham, JCrew Chambray, Reyn Spooner.
Dress: Paul Stuart, BB Luxury, T&A, Pink, JPress

Self explanatory

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Hey thrift ninjas, I'm looking for a couple of fairly specialized items. I kayak fish, so I'm looking for a Dry Top (waterproof, not sprayproof), and Dry Pants. Medium is preferred for both items, but I can probably swing a large. Here are some examples:

Dry Top

Dry Pants

Hit me back if you find anything like these. Thanks!
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this is a long shot but anyone sitting on a pair of NWT (or like new) LL Bean Bean Boots? size 11D?
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Need some quick cash so I'm trying to unload this stuff. offers away!!


Selvedge Levi's tagged 33x34 but measure 36 waist I believe. Look/feel unwashed. 




Unvented and single pleat but size 38S
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available for $15 shipped due to the pulling on the back seam. It's not torn and could probably be fixed by a tailor for really cheap. 

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