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Originally Posted by Poleng View Post

Hi, Posted these shirts before on the thrift/discount thread. Also have a few ties posted up in the marketplace. As I now have a lot more items thought i'd give it a go here. All prices are not set in stone. 



Stefano Ricci 100% silk shirts for London Hilton x5 - £100 each (All size Large)



Bijan, Stefano Ricci, Christian Dior & Lanvin from £20-100 Each



Bijan, A.Testoni, Zilli & Moreschi from £100-300 Each (Sizes 34-40)


Pocket Squares:

Christian Dior, Lanvin & Stefano Ricci



Bijan cotton dress socks. (Size 11)


Can send send more pics if interested in any items.























Re-quoted for awesomeness. BPD.

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If anyone is interested in Allen Edmonds chocolate suede longwings in a 9D or 9.5D, get at me. Not thrift pricing, but steep discount...
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Can't remember if I posted these here yet.


Borrelli chinos, 36/31




Looking to get $35 shipped or trade for some shoes in 13-14

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Here's some stuff I'm looking to trade.


LL Bean Norwegian Sweater (100% wool, so one of the newer ones).  Size large, but cut very big, so more like an extra large:

bean sweater (Click to show)




Some ties.  L to R: BB linen, Lands End, BB, vintage madras for local men's shop.

tie pics (Click to show)




J Press short sleeve shirt.  Large.

j press shirt (Click to show)




Canali linen shirt.  Marked a 40/15.75, but fits a bit larger than that.  

canali linen (Click to show)




BB Extra Slim Fit 16/35

BB extra slim fit 16/35 blue gingham (Click to show)




I'm a M and a 40L or 40XL.  Also, my feet are 10.5D-ish and pants are 32x34-ish.  If you've got anything that fits those categories and you're interested in trading, drop me a PM!

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I plan to do a massive closet cleaning in the near future. Many things will be available. Posting here to bump this thread to the top of my subscription list. Watch this space!
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I'm looking for a medium-ish winter jacket, preferably a duffle in a 38 or 40. Hoping for gray/charcoal/khaki in color.

Let me know if something turns up!

Also interested in size 8.5/8.5E shoes, especially a nice brown pair.


I also have two white thomas pink shirts 17.5/35.5




Thanks in advance!

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Okay guys, I have this awesome unstructured Paul Stuart Classic Sport coat available. It's about a 43 Regular, and has some seriously AWESOME details. The works: dual vents, completely unlined/unstructured, hand sewn buttonholes, big patch pockets, insane near perfect pattern matching, etc. The quality on this is light years ahead of any other Paul Stuart I've ever seen (excluding Stuarts Choice by Isaia), I think it must be MTM or something. I'm utterly heartbroken it isn't my size, and I want it to go to a good home on here. Wool/Cashmere blend. 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)











PM me for measurements/ questions! I'm looking to sell, or trade for nice suits/SCs of a comparable quality in the 40R/L area. Or suede shoes/boots in an 11/11.5 US.

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Currently on the lookout for a quality B3 or G1 leather jacket in size 38/36, my p2p is a 20.5"/21" so get at me if you have something that fits the criteria!

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Get on my quick about the Vigano staple grey wool trousers...trying to let those guys go quick and cheap,,$192 on Yoox whaaaa



x2 Jack Spade, L and XL



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thrift finds

Polo Cord XXL



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Belvest DB Wool&Cashmere Suit 6x2 Size 42

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Regular old incotex? Nope.

Incotex Sea Island Size 38S

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


x2 Vigano Size 36, available for cheap to thread regular (staple single pleated charcoal wool pant silk lined)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Mabro, supposed to be super high quality, handmade in Italy

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Vilebrequin Size L cracked button but there are two extras

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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I complained about spoilering in the other thread. My bad. I spoilered but it didn't appear to work.

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My closet is packed, so even though I love every single one of the items below, they just don't get as much wear as they deserve, and I'm making them available to a good home. Make me a reasonable offer. If trade is your deal, then I need non-silk squares and non-silk ties, and a really, really nice pair of modern cut light gray flat fronts (worsted or flannel). I don't need name brands, but I am fussy about quality and color. But I also tend to be pretty reasonable, so let's see if we can work something out.

All of the following will be roughly 42-43 jacket, within a half inch or two (unless otherwise noted) of the following measurements:
22 pit
19 shoulders
31.5 length
24.5 arm

Daks (wide shoulders, dual vent)
photo IMG_7664_zpsff555d65.jpgphoto IMG_7666_zps4bb80e04.jpg

photo IMG_7657_zps37ef8fb4.jpgphoto IMG_7659_zps141620d0.jpg

PRL USA Suit (Linen; 42L; damage to left thigh)
photo IMG_7776_zps6f51c797.jpgphoto IMG_7778_zps39d9bdde.jpg

RL Blue label, script (precursor to RLPL; wide shoulders)
photo IMG_7751_zpse2577cd2.jpgphoto IMG_7753_zps2aa32970.jpg

Paul Stuart Custom (low waist suppression; working cuffs)
photo IMG_7745_zpse7e21fc4.jpgphoto IMG_7747_zps1a0a5d4e.jpg

Paul Stuart Custom (low waist suppression; working cuffs)
photo IMG_7739_zpsfadfe791.jpgphoto IMG_7741_zpsb0fe44f7.jpg

Faconnable by Cantarelli (short, low waist suppression)
photo IMG_7732_zps63e5040e.jpgphoto IMG_7735_zps5b67bf0f.jpg

Orvis green cord, elbow patches, more like a 44R
photo IMG_7710_zps1ff4e090.jpg
photo IMG_7714_zps097f6118.jpg

Carroll & Co, (Elbow patches; a hair on the short side; some lining seems need reattaching)
photo IMG_6979_zpsdfcf0761.jpgphoto IMG_6981_zps8b9464de.jpg

Burberry (dual vent; measures on the short side)
photo IMG_6971_zps04c0fa18.jpgphoto IMG_6973_zps35780eb0.jpg

Abboud black label; cashmere blend; wideish shoulders but otherwise well made
photo IMG_5712_zps2bc81e0c.jpgphoto IMG_5714_zpsa51353bc.jpg

PRL Corneliana linen blend; on the short side
photo IMG_5703_zpsbcd15a4d.jpgphoto IMG_5706_zpsf72d27c0.jpg

Chester Barrie; wide shoulders
photo IMG_5696_zpse9fa4a7c.jpgphoto IMG_5698_zpsa2dde97e.jpg

I'm very much conflicted about the next two; it would really need to be the right offer.
Canali green w rust overcheck, cashmere blend, 42 long
photo IMG_7716_zps235b5699.jpgphoto IMG_7718_zpsfbaf92ab.jpg

Oxxford Crest blue, dual vent, cashmere blend
photo IMG_7724_zps1d6856d7.jpgphoto IMG_7727_zpse0c0e199.jpg

Peals, 10.5D
photo IMG_5304_zps0bd063bf.jpgphoto IMG_5307_zps1e0a0553.jpgphoto IMG_5309_zpsd3deec91.jpg


Also available are these small suits in a size 38ish w wide shoulders. Hong Kong bespoke. At least half canvas, handwork everywhere, dual vent, ticket pocket and pleated. Very nice.
photo IMG_7164_zps212d92bb.jpg
photo IMG_7205_zps981a0fb1.jpg
photo IMG_7197_zps3a9a93d8.jpg
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^^ Holy shit! You are about to make someone in a size 42 very happy! That is soooooooooooooooooooo kick ass of you! You win "Homie of The Year Award!" :slayer:

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Yeah seriously, that's a Helluva haul for whomever takes him up on that.
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Looking to buy 40R patch pocket sport coats - pretty flexible when it comes to colors and such since currently I own none of these. Just nothing too bold.

Also looking for a navy and/or black grenadine tie - Drake's or Hober would be ideal although I know people don't tend to let go of those.

Ditto other types of Drake's or Hober ties. I'm always willing to hear out offers there since I like most of what they both do.
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