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The best online MTM store around?

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I've read a lot of the review threads of sites such as,,, et al. Usually, as I've read these, they end with the OP bemoaning the current state of the service, saying over time the service decreased. My questions is, what is the best one currently in terms of price per quality? Suppose I was working on building up my wardrobe, and I only wanted to spend around $50-$75 per shirt. Which has the highest quality overall in that price range?

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I think a lot of people around here like Modern Tailor for the prices and options, but I've never tried them myself.


I've used Proper Cloth, which is a little slow and a little over-priced, but has great customer service.  It's a small business, so most of the time when I call I end up talking to the founder/owner/manager.  No red tape or holding-music.

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I'll definitely check them out then, thanks! 


How is their cloth quality/measurement accuracy?

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Not a wonderful place to start, the fundamental issue remains initial measurement and that all Houses are capable of producing crap with minimal quality control. You might well be better with fewer from a bricks and mortar store or else just decent RTW.
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Online MTM stores are a bad place to start in general?

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Not horrible -- but maybe buy a few shirts OTR, have them altered to fit you perfectly, then try an MTM service and use the measurements from those shirts.


I haven't received my ModernTailor order yet, so I can't say much for that company -- though it is an official StyleForum favourite for a reason, I guess.

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I have several Proper Cloth shirts.  The first one I ordered was a bit off, but I sent it back and had it re-made for free, and nailed the fit the second try.  It's awesome to just pick a fabric / collar and know I'll get a perfect fitting shirt.  One thing I have noticed is that the more expensive fabrics don't necessarily feel nicer - at least to my untrained eye / feel.  Would recommend though.  Customer service is arguably the best I've dealt w/ anywhere.

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I'd usually try them out and purchase a couple of shirts to be safe.

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Originally Posted by I am DIL View Post

Not horrible -- but maybe buy a few shirts OTR, have them altered to fit you perfectly, then try an MTM service and use the measurements from those shirts.



Buy a shirt OTR that fits you perfectly in the collar and shoulder (the collar should have enough room for a finger or two between it and your neck, and the shoulder seam, the yoke, should end right where your collar bone ends). 


From there, take it to a tailor and have him adjust it to fit you, and have him work on it as many times as necessary.  You should probably have him cut open the seam that runs up the side and down the arm, and reduce the amount of fabric there.  This will decrease the amount of fabric in the waist, chest, and arm, and will also raise the arm hole.  Once the bicep fits as slim as you'd like it to, you've probably done as much as you can with the side/arm seam.  I'm not a tailor, but I don't believe that a tailor can adjust the side seam without also adjusting the seam that runs under the arm, as these seams are one and the same.  But regardless, there will come a point where, in order to make the shirt any slimmer, the tailor will have to add darts.  This is where the fabric at the back is pinched and sewn together.  If you have a patterned shirt, darts will look kind of funny.


Anyway, once you have your shirt fitting exactly the way you want it to, measure the shirt and use those measurements on a MTM site.  This is the best way to get a well-fitting MTM shirt the first time - I speak from painful experience. 


Regarding Proper Cloth, they messed up the sizing of my first order, but supposedly they make every shirt about a half-inch bigger in every measurement that you specify, to account for shrinkage (I think most MTM services do this).  However, the customer service is absolutely amazing.  You also get the first alteration for your first shirt free - that is, if your first Proper Cloth shirt doesn't fit the way you'd like, you can send it back to them and they will either alter it or completely remake it, free of charge.  The thing I don't like about Proper Cloth is that they lack a few essential options - you can't get convertible cuffs, or tuxedo pleats, or a pique bib for a tuxedo shirt. 


Just compare prices, do a search on SF, and pick a MTM site.  It's not that big of a life decision.




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Originally Posted by CDHagg View Post

 It's not that big of a life decision.




That's what I needed haha. Overwhelmed a bit with all the new info. Btw, if I'm a super gangly dude (16x37), should I still try to find a shirt that fits in the shoulders and neck well if it means not getting good arm length at all?

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Sleeve length is definitely more important than collar size or yoke width.  A huge collar looks ridiculous, but cropped sleeves look much more so. 

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Best MTM Online Shirt Service has to be Jantzen.
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Oh, right, forgot about Jantzen.  And Nialma.


I've heard good things about both, but I can't speak for them myself as I've never tried either.


But remember, OP, don't stress it. smile.gif

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Jantzen has a terrible website that is really off-putting. I am about to try another Hong Kong based service, Deo Veritas. They seem to be concentrating rather more on quality than endless choice, and their website is much more usable.

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I am really happy with

The shirts are nice and fit as they should.

Also they reply very quickly to all kinds of mail enquiries!

You should give them a try.
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