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Wimbledon Cricket Jacket/Blazer

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Can I actually wear this out without looking like a jackass?
(It's a wool/cashmere blend, three button front)
What would I be able to wear it with? Also, should I try to remove the crest on the front or is it a good thing?
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Please.... .... don't.
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Just like a school blazer, which you would only wear if the occasion was school-related (and you were still a student), you could only wear this to Wimbledon-related events or as a costume. Removing the logo (and also the white trim) will ruin the cloth.

Now, if Wimbledon were on, or coming soon, you could claim you were on your way to a match or associated event, but that would probably result in every conversation being in defence of your strange outfit, as well as having to leave your real event early to maintain such an outrageous lie. It will also become harder to maintain the ball-boy illusion as you approach your twilight years.

Cool blazer though. Congratulations on getting involved, and on your momento! If you have cupboard space then hang on to it until it doesn't fit any more. There's an outside chance of a sport theme for a costume party in your future.
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First: Welcome to the forum, Tampan! Great choice of avatar - I had noticed that Baltar's pinstripe is well-tailored... As for the jacket: I'd say it could work as part of a hipster streetwear ensemble, but it's awfully ironic. I think a bespoke jacket with contrast edges could be fashionable (if not stylish), although probably with less contrast and certainly not the trademark colours.
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as far as work uniforms go, those blazers were the bees knees. But wearing it outside of the hallowed grounds is like wearing a tacobell uniform to the mall, albeit much nicer than anything tacobell gives you.
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Lots of designers try this contrast piping from time to time -- brioni, for ex, at least in the seventies.

Bjork rocked this look in the 90s:
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yea, tape striping on jackets seemed to be pretty in last f/w season

there's a thom browne one on ebay now. had tried it on last year, it's actually *really* nice.
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OK call me pedantic, but how can a cricket jacket be from Wimbledon?
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Originally Posted by Roy Biggins

What in the hell is so funny!? Are you laughing at my jacket? Stop laughing!
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Firstly it is tennis that is played at Wimbledon NOT cricket but that is last year's uniform - or a copy.

And yes, regardless of the sport, you would look like a jackass wearing such a thing in the street.
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I have only seen this look done well in drawings, photos, or films depicting people at some resort, country club, or in the Hamptons in the 1920s or 30s. Maybe you can wear it as an extra in the next film adaptation of The Great Gatsby.
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Originally Posted by Roy Biggins

sleeves are too short, imo. and he buttoned the lower button. otherwise, not bad!
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Originally Posted by acidicboy
sleeves are too short, imo. and he buttoned the lower button. otherwise, not bad!
My guess is the jacket was made for both to be buttoned. I'm sure Flavio would know better than to do so had it not been made that way.
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Beg pardon is this called "Style Forum" or "Dress Like Everyone Else Forum"?

The style of jacket you depict is quite righty referred to as a cricket jacket in informed circles.

Orginally this type of jacket was worn by cricket players as they traveled to and from matches, and the style was soon adpoted by all manner of sporting gentlemen (including tennis players).

Just as you no longer have to be in the Royal Navy to wear a blazer in public, you are quite right that you may wear a cricket jacket as you please in the approporaite circumstances.

In England and in many civilized countries cricket jackets and their close cousins the university blazer and prep school blazer are worn to school or sporting evenets with dress pants but have also become quite popular in retro wear circles and are often paired with a clean pair of jeans, and and open neck oxford shirt of knit polo shirt

Ignore the advice (or rather the lack thereof) given to you and by all means sally forth in your spiffing cricket jacket.
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