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After reading most of the posts it is very clear that the great majority of us lift, run and work out for physical fitness but also for fun and stress relief. Which got my wheels turning. I do lift almost everyday, for a good hour, but then I get in the pool and swim for about another hour usually longer. I have swum ever since I was a wee-man. Swimming takes the soreness out and helps tone. It is also a great alternative if you have bad joints. When you swim it produces ZERO joint stress. To end this one, I have my Wake Forest appointment this Thursday at 4. I am super pumped its gonna be great... parsonsdb [b]
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Parsons, Show those southern baptists you are the man. It also won't hurt to compliment them on their beautiful chapel they have.
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I once dated a girl from Winston-Salem. Sincerely hope your experience turns out better. Am looking forward to making a research trip down there in the next couple of months...
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