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Williamsburg Garment Co.

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Has anybody ordered from Williamsburg Garment Co.? I just placed an order for a denim shirt.

Obligatory blog reference here.

(yes, if workwear isn't your thing, or you have angst towards Brooklyn, you may pass out from ambivalence)
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I have never ordered items from the website. I discovered the brand during a trip
To Philadelphia store sugar cube. I was almost going to settle for some
Apc jeans as my first entry into raw denim. I tried the south 1st st basic fit raw selvedge with niagra blue denim with grey stitching.

I have a 30 in waist and big thighs. Searching for a straight leg jean that wasn't too baggy yet accommodated my legs was a challenge. I am happy with the overall fit except for maybe less ro
In the waist ( I got a size 29). Probably should have sized down one more in hindsight.

The jean is excellent though and after trying options from apc, unbranded, blksmith and others I settled on the williamsburgs. Made in china but great quality selvedge denim. Thinking about buying another pair soon.
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The first time i seen this brand was on rawrdenim. I visited the website to see if they had any measurements and ofcourse they didnt, why companies dont give measurememnts is beyong fucking me but whatever. The denim looked aight so I emailed the owner and he was cool as hell and replied very quickly. Turns out the calve would have been too tight in my size. Any pics? BTW UO has a sale on grey straights

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No pics as I live alone and only wear denim on weekends. But I'll have someone take a pic next time I'm out with them. Strange they don't have the measurements
Online. I probably wouldn't have bought them had I not discovered them
At a retail store
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How are these jeans working out/breaking in?

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