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I know this is slightly above the $350 mark at 399, but The Bang & Olufson H6 look real good and the sound apparently is great.

Another alternative is:

Bower & Wilkins P5

I'm thinking about picking up either one of these.... any thoughts?
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Since no one has mentioned them, I'll recommend these:

B&W C5.

They're by far the most comfortable in ear model I've tried. The loop can be freely adjusted for a secure (and pleasant) fit, using the inner ear. And for my uses (iPhone w/ 320 kbps files) the sound is great; always puts a smile on my face how awesome they sound. Been considering picking up a back up pair, just in case.
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I just bought myself a Westone 4R.
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Heir Audio IEMs are a great deal. You are just out of range for CIEMs from them

I have also heard great things about the KEF M500 headphones, about to sell my ATH-M50s which are a bit too bass heavy for me and try the KEFs out.
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Originally Posted by Kiwi Man View Post

I just bought myself a Westone 4R.

I have the same. How are you liking you westones? Love mine.
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Originally Posted by AriGold View Post

I know this is slightly above the $350 mark at 399, but The Bang & Olufsen H6 look real good and the sound apparently is great.

I'm thinking about picking up either one of these.... any thoughts?

$379 on amazon currently. Made specifically for apple products as stated in the papers inside the box. Little cord-control works with apple phones and tablets and does not work on its own even for volume adjustment.
Sounds is unintrusive and polite. Cord is detachable and ambidextrous. No harsh treble or bass. Have not tried it with real 2-channel system, just laptop. Movies and music are enjoyable and these phones could be worn for hours. They are comfortable. Craftsmanship is top notch yet they are made in China.
I mostly bought them for TV watching and like them as a design piece.
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Beyerdynamics. Nothing else was comfortable to me after hours of wear.

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For over-the-ear closed cans, nothing beats the AKG K550s at that price range IMO. Amazing clarity/crispness at lows, mids, and highs, really balanced sound, look amazing, don't need to be amped either. Only complaint is that they're a little on the bulky side. Can't recommend them enough.
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Hey guiz, I'm trying to get some high-end headphones for under $250. I've bought two pairs of Audio Technicas ATH-AD 700's that have broken out on me after a year. Needless to say, I want durability to go with sound quality. Here's what I'm looking at:

Sennheiser 558
Sennheiser 598
Sennheiser Momentum (Over Ear)
AKG 702
AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones
Philips Fidelio X1
Philips Fidelio L1
Grado SR80i
Grado SR225i

Any thoughts on the best bang for my buck? Open or closed design isn't important to me. For reference, I'm mostly going to be listening to flac files sent via optical cable from my pc to a receiver with a 1/4" jack.
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Grado SR80 are amazing if you don't mind everyone else hearing your music. I can second AKG550s if you are in that price range. A few months ago I did tons of research and was prepared to spend up to 250$ and ended up with the well-respected Audio Technica ATH-M50 for about 115$. They are tanks and their flat frequency response is what I wanted; also love their austere design in black.


Also, IMHO Bang & Olufsen is more about form over function, but if that is a priority then go for it. 

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I ended up buying two pairs, the AKG 702 and the Sennheiser Momentum. Hated the flat sound of the 702's, and it wasn't worth the effort investing in an amp to make them sound better. There was no life to anything I played out of them. The Momentums are pretty good, but well below the sound quality of my broken Audio Technicas. To their credit, the build quality appears much better, but the sound just isn't there for what I paid for them. My ears are fairly large and these also seem to squeeze on them, so unfortunately both are going back.

I'm gonna keep looking. Those Grados might be next.
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I hated Grado SR80's. Firstly, they have way too aggressive mid-treble and are very "spitty"; it's their trademark sound that some actually enjoy. To me, they sound terrible. The ear pads are foam pieces of shit that are not comfortable at all. The overall build quality is shit, too. The connection points for the articulating pieces are very fragile in their design.


Senn's house sound is very mellow while 702's are very analytical.


If you like a more exaggerated "engaging" sound, I'd go with DT990's. Beyer's have been on Massdrops lately for great prices. I wouldn't go with closed headphones only because they get hot during extended listening sessions, so the DT770's are out. The 770/990's will be more exaggerated on the ends of the spectrum, which may suit your preferences better. The comfort and durability of Beyer's is easily a level beyond AKG or Senn.


Also, I'd recommend playing with some plugin's/EQ to tweak the sound to your preference.

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Hi for audio professionals and for the those who need headphones for critical listening i would only personally recommend audio technia , i have also heard good of shure but have not tried them.


I would also recommend MUST AVOID headphones like Beats SMS etc

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