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Originally Posted by Arethusa View Post

Speaking of sales, the treated jacket is now sold.
Untreated is still available. I have now actually, truly lost count of the number of people who have told me they are going to buy it, asked for my paypal information, and then backed out.



Was bayralphlauren one of them?

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Nope. He could not be bothered to write me a legible email.

What's that guy's deal? Does he just have some kind of unlimited zero interest credit line with which he wastes everyone's time?

Also, where the hell do you get RRL leathers for 200? Seriously. Hook me up.
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bayralphlauren is a RRL reseller. He goes to outlets, buys stuff really cheaply and sells it at a huge markup. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it is a free market after all. He has an eBay account which can be seen here.

Edit: Looking through his small inventory, it seems that he is pretty small-time. Has pretty crappy photos and minimal stock. A real mix of RRL, Polo and other crappy outlet stuff.
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I love how his other account "alishmo66" he engages with himself on the forums to promote his signature and crappy listings.

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None of my biz..as I have no dog in this hunt.....
But no-one should shit on another member's hustle/sales.
If he resells RL stuff at a HUGE markup and makes $$, he really is doing nada wrong. People are buying it.

Now, if he shit on someone in this thread.....go for it with the negative comments...
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Thanks for the info Hoit.

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Do these fit tts? The measurement makes them look short?
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Yeah, I think they're true. Not cropped short, but the length is supposed to be something like a denim jacket.
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