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Does a size 40 double long jacket exist?

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So I have a 40 inch chest, and I'm perusing the internet and looking in stores for some sport coats/blazers, and I notice that most of the measurements online for a jacket have the sleeve length come out to about 35.5 or 36 inches. 


I've been told that a jacket should show about a quarter to half an inch of sleeve, and I have a 37 inch sleeve length. Do I have to go bespoke? Is showing an inch to an inch and a half fine? Does a size 40 double long exist, so that the sleeve length would be closer to what I need?

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I would be comfortable showing an inch of shirt cuff, but not much more. If it looks pretty bad (i.e. more than half your shirt cuff is showing), then get a slightly shorter shirt sleeve. It will save you from needing totally custom jackets (I've never seen a 40XL). However, if you can swing the cost of custom, you should consider it seriously.
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How much are fully custom jackets? On the low end vs the high end? All I've seen is from Michael Andrews Bespoke, and I have no price estimate for that. 

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how much too short are the sleeves? You can always get the sleeves let down a bit. You can usually get up to an inch longer just by tailoring, sometimes longer if they lengthen the liner.
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Well I'm a 37 sleeve, and most the jackets I've seen online are around 35.5 inches in the sleeve length. Given that I'm browsing online mostly, I dont' know how much is available to be let out =(. Hopefully enough, but I can't be sure.

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37 jacket sleeve? ..or 37 inch shirt sleeve? 37 in the jacket is going to be hard to find; you'd probably be better off going to a brick and mortar store where you can find out how much is available to let...
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Just to be sure, are you measuring from the shoulder seam to cuff end? How tall are you, 37" sleeve length seems extremely long
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It's called extra long 40XL and I have seen them, but only from really large RTW manufacturers.
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Samuelsohn has XL (extra long) sizes. I don't know of a store that carries them RTW, but I have a MTM jacket that is based on a 40XL size.

Edit: has XT (extra tall) sizes in RTW jackets and suits, though I would want to try on before I bought. They might actually be made by Samuelsohn.
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Sorry, I didn't specify my measuring convention. I'm new at this so I'm just basing off of my shirt sleeve length, which I got from measuring from halfway across the shoulders to the end of the sleeve. I thought this was the way that sleeve length was measured, am I wrong?


For Tweedy: the 40 L jacket that you have is listed at 26" sleeves with 18.5" shoulders, so that would be a 35.5" sleeve how I calculated it. 

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Never understood why manufacturers measure shirts from the middle of the back to the sleeve. It's only vaguely accurate, but who wants shoulders to hang off your shoulder. Hence I never buy OTR shirts. They should give shoulder and sleeve measurements and go from there. Imagine OTR makers selling shirts by collar, shoulder and sleeve measurements.

How tall are you? I'm 6'2" and my jacket sleeves from outside shoulder seam to cuff are usually around 25.5".

I'd say entry level custom jackets run around $1000 in USA.
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most manufacturers have size 40 extra long hanging on the rack in their pattern room.
but if the retailer does not order it for his stock, you will never see it.

suit sleeves can be lengthened 1 inch easily .
many can be lengthened 1and 3/4 inches by adding cloth on the inside.
if you order a pre owned garment check to see if it has been previously altered.

if you go to an extra long for the sleeve length, know this.
that the body length also gets longer usually 1inch to 1and 1/2 inches longer.
shortening the coat hem is much more costly than lengthening the sleeves.
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If your shirt is 37" and jackets are 35.5", then one inch of tailoring brings it to a perfect 36.5.
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I'm going in to a tailor friday to remeasure myself, and I'll be sure to figure out my actual sleeve length. 


To sns23, is it reasonable to assume that most OTR jackets are able to let out an inch on the sleeves?

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You should be able to get 1" out of nearly all jackets.
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