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Evolution of Nagrani

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Today in the NYT there was an article on the popularity of "fun socks" (quit shuddering Vox!). I was surprised that V K Nagrani wasn't mentioned and decided to check out their website again.
Now I like me some flashy socks, but thought much of the 2010 collection was fugly and hadn't looked at them since. Much to my surprise, Nagrani is evolving. There were lots of bold patterns in the Fall 2011 collection, but also lots of herringbone, birdseye, and more subtle stripes.
They are even using Luciano Barbera wool.
Here's what VK has to say about the change:
"The Fall 2011 Collection continues our transition to the next level. A designer’s responsibility to his patrons is to keep them ahead of what everyone else is doing. You were there with me when the mass population thought it was absurd to wear fashion hose. I owe it to you to keep you one step ahead of them.

As the time has passed, I see many versions of my previous work in store windows. This is flattering, but also serves as a sign that we have to move on. I am always keen on making sure the look is fresh and keeps you far ahead of the mass population.

Some things you should know, this season I have taken vintage Luciano Barbera fabrics and made them into socks. I think the look is so unique yet maintains the utmost in sophistication. I hope you enjoy the collection."

I like the High Tide, Birdseye, Herringbone, Pickwick, Hound Dog, Joe P, and Godfather models quite a bit.
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Don't know much about the brand, but here's a vid for those who might be interested.

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