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Humidor build in progress

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Not sure if this is the right subforum, but since cigars are mentioned around these parts.... I'm building this humidor nd if this topic garners any interest I'll keep it updated.

The intended internal space will be 8" x 14" x 4.5" so it should hold a nice pile of cigars...at this point I have no idea how many. This one will have a 3/8" spanish cedar liner with a substrate in maple. In the future I may make the walls entirely spanish cedar and cut the liner down to 1/4".


The substrate for this humidor is made in Maple, I have cut recesses into the top and bottom so that the Baltic Birch plywood top and bottom will fit in nicely with just enough room to allow for the edge banding.


In this photo I've begun edge banding in 1/4" Gaboon Ebony and you'll see I've cut the corners for edge banding as well.


At this point I've finished applying the Macassar ebony wood veneer to both the baltic birch plywood top and the outside panels, I've taken care to cut the top from a bookmatched flitches and the sides on this as well. (On another that I'm building that will end up being a valet box I've cut them so that the wrap on the outside is one continuous piece.). The panels are applied with a cold bond glue in a vacuum press.

I've finished the edge banding at this point and have begin to cut it to meet the veneer surface and have fallowed up by sanding them to bring them to down flush. I'll complete that next week and begin to round over the edges.
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My intentions are this project progresses is to finish it in nitrocellulose lacquer to a high gloss and add a silver engine turning that can be monogrammed. I've found a jeweler who cn perform the engine turning in the traditional fashion and apply the monogram by hand.

The internals will be by elie bleu, since they seem to be the best in the industry...until I can find out who makes them for elie bleu.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post


Curious, why are some humidors like $700+? Exotic woods?
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Ebony veneer is expensive but it's only part of the equation. The instrumentation and mechanicals adds to it, for instance a quality analog hygrometer is in the $135 range, and humidifier is about $150.

The quality of material and labor rate are the rest of it. A craftsman in Paris who can do marquetry at a level good enough to feature on a top quality piece doesn't work cheaply, nor should he.

Often you get something a bit nicer in the $700 plus range, made with quality hardwoods, plywoods (there is a wide range of quality in plywood), finishes, ect.
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Looks good, SG.
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Thanks Pio!
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Really nice, Skinny.
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Great finish on that. I know Macassar ebony is a favorite of Tom Ford's. It's all over his stores.
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Thanks guys, I'll keep this thread updated as it progresses toward being finished. Tom ford definitely loves Macassar ebony, but who could blame him icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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beautiful work, and excited to see it as it progresses.
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Very nice. Look forward to seeing it finished. Are you keeping it for yourself or do you intend to sell it?
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Thanks guys, one for myself for 'quality sampling', one for my gf in the from of a jewellery box and two are heading to a local shop on consignment.
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