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Dislocated shoulder

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Last saturday my rugby team was short on guys and I had to play on both the A side and B side. All that hitting and i guess i was bound to do something. Luckily, i just dislocated my shoulder (yes, probably the most painful of my injuries [especially after some unsuccessful attempts at putting it back in place], but the one with the shortest prospected healing time). I was wondering if anyone has ever had this happen, how long it took to get back to %100, if those shoulder brace/supports really work, and if there are any good sports medicine forums i could go to and ask these questions. Thanks Ken
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Dude?.?. Go see a doctor. Mearly putting it back in place yourself seems nuts and painful. Get some professional help.
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Mike C. is right, you may want to go to a doctor. While wrestling in high school, my shoulder use to dislocate itself and, being young and dumb, I would just slam it until it popped back in. Years later, it has never fully healed. I find it popping out sometimes during UFC matches or even just playing flag football because the tendons are not as strong as they should be.
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GQ ---> UFC?? if you do indeed compete in the ring it is absolutely incredible and i would apreciate if you could give some tips as my pancration team is trainning to attend UCC [canadian version] next year. PM me if it'd not too much trouble
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ken -  I have to agree with the others.  While putting it back in place yourself may have seemed like a great and macho solution at the time, the tendons will never restore full range of motion unless the joint is packed properly.    On a side note, what club/position do you play?  I play 8-man for my school team, maybe we'll be at the same tournaments this spring.  Take care, Kevin
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Thanks for the responses and advice. Kevin, good to see another rugger on the forum. I usually play fly though I sometimes get moved around all over the back line. I play for my college side here at Northern Illinois University. You? If I can get off work, I'll actually be leaving tomorrow for the annual All Fool's tourney at SIU.
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I primarily play 8-man for my club team at the Rochester Institute of Technology here in upstate NY.  I have played 2nd row in past seasons, but our captain (the previous 8man) blew his ACL last spring so I took on the role, and I am also the jumper.  The weather has caused problems for us so far; our field is under about 4 inches of ice, plus we can never seem to get any gym time from the varsity teams here.  As for tourneys, we will be playing locally and possibly with other mens teams in the area.  We were planning to go to the Providence Tournament in RI, but it was the same weekend as our NYS championships.  Best of Luck with your tournament, Kevin
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