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Using Shirts as "Braces"

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No doubt this threak will detract from my already low MC-fu, and there will be trolling, but perhaps a serious answer can be found in here somewhere?

So, as a huskier fella, I have a problem. The trousers I like to wear, with classic rises, should properly be worn at or just below my navel. Except that, with a little bit of a paunch, my trousers are always slipping down to my hips, leading to unsightly trouser puddles and a sagging crotch. So in spite of cinching my belts as tight as I can get them, I'm still constantly hiking my pants back up, then having to re-tuck my shirt, which has inevitably slipped out some, re-adjust... it's frumpy and awful.

Yeah, I should lose the pounds, but let's presume for a minute I have a thyroid disorder that prevents me from doing so.

This seems exactly the kind of scenario that braces were made for, and I do like to wear them when I am wearing a suit. Problem is, I practically never wear suits. My preferred attire for business and pleasure is trews, button down, and sportcoat. Braces would not work in that context.

So I had an idea - most of my shirts these days are HK bespoke. I could pretty easily have button holes cut into my shirts at the points where buttons for braces would be sewn into my trousers... and by buttoning myself in, my shirts would sort of function as braces! Genius, right!




Potential problems I see are

a) Shirts might show the strain of holding up the trews, e.g. vertical ripples over my shoulders.

b) Since shirts lack the elastic present in braces, I may not have the flexibility needed for sitting down, leading to wedgies.

I'm surprised not to have seen anything like this come up in my years on the forum, and a search for "shirt suspenders" leads not to this but rather some kind of elaborate garter system.

Flame away, laddies.
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The big problem is that a single layer of shirt fabric can't support a buttonhole, especially with the kind of stress you'd be putting on it.
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You could definitely try it but I foresee some problems:

Unless you already tuck in your shirt very tight (no poof), the shirt will not really be holding up your pants until your pants are already 2-3" too low and the "poof" has been tensioned.

If you somehow figure out how to create enough tension to make the buttons hold your pants up, when you sit down the tension will be increased like a lever, something has to give since there is no elastic. I foresee a button popping out and shattering the ceiling lights when you take a seat at the bar.

I bet it would be pretty embarrassing if you ever let anyone else see this, either at a urinal, or teh secks. If I saw it I would think you had a colostomy bag somewhere.
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when I had a bigger gut, I had the same problem. I used these:

they were very effective.
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Just double sided-tape both the shirt to your body and the pants to your legs. Problem solved.
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have your HK tailor make braces from your shirt fabric. If you can swing it, getting a tie or two in your shirt fabric (solids only!) would complete the stealth-dressy look.
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Wouldn't it be easier to put a garter on the bottom of your shirt to hold up your socks? Link to awesomeness...


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This is not a good idea.

I think that you are stuck with reseating your pants throughout the day. Get long tails on your shirts, and get them as trim as you can without them being tight...that will mitigate a donut balloon at the waist.

For semi formal shirts, there's often a tab in the front of the shirt to anchor it down on the pants, but it does not support the pants themselves. Similarly, some military uniforms have garters to attach shirt hems down each leg to the socks...again, though, the pants are not supported.
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The Duke of Windsor did this, or at least something similar.
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Braces stretch, shirts don't. Why not wear braces with odd jackets and pants? I think this is fine and better than your alternative.
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Didn't the Germans use a shirt with internal braces around WWII?
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the only other idea I can add is that i have a pair of pants with rubber lines around the waist so they sort of 'grip' onto the shirt and keep them from sliding down. The pants also have a built in elasticized waistband so they stretch as I move.

They're actually EMT pants but in theory they could be made with fancier fabric and look like dress pants.
If you're interested and don't get what I mean, I can post pics.
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Originally Posted by Grenadier View Post

The Duke of Windsor did this, or at least something similar.

Tell me more.
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Why lose weight when you can do this
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Originally Posted by HomerJ View Post

Why lose weight when you can do this

Sh*t! Did you see that?! Hokus pokus!

Where did the gut go? Has to so somewhere, doesn't it? Around his neck? Moved to his backside? Or pushed internally, smothering the heart?
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