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Do you live in the US?

We use cold water, no need to leave it soaking overnight. Just get it wet. Let it dry naturally overnight and don't iron it dry.

What is causing your haircloth to continue shrinking? Is it from dry-cleaning? Are you shrinking the hymo and whatever covering you use over the haircloth?
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Hi Despos,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, we live in US.

I actually have tried to dry naturally in the sun and overnight too. Our haircloth continues to shrink after dry-cleaning. And I know for sure that our fabric covering the haircloth does not shrink. 

We are making half canvas suits right now because of our nervousness that the full canvas will continue to shrink after dry cleaning. I think we are just not able to find a high quality canvas yet. If you know where they sell quality horse haircloth, please let me know. 


Thank you so much!




_Lan Do_

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You may be confusing names of the materials you are using.

Hymo is the material used for the full canvass. It runs from top to bottom of the front. Haircloth is firmer and only used in the chest area. I think you are having trouble with the hymo shrinking, not the haircloth.

Are you mass producing suits? What is your budget for buying hymo? How much do you buy at a time?
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Cool! I finally get to see these pics!
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Originally Posted by lanhdo View Post

Sanguis, thank you for the reply. 

We have tried to pre-shrink the hair cloth; however, it does still seem to shrink eventually. To shrink we have been soaking the hair cloth in hot water over night and ironing dry the next morning. Do you follow a similar technique?

 think I might not have a high quality hair cloth. Where do you purchase your hair cloth? Is the hair cloth you purchase already pre-shrunk?

Thank you!

Gilt Edge Suitings in the UK is a good source for high quality wool/ camelhair canvas in various weights. I have been told by tailors that those with the label "wet in cold water and dried in the sun" don't shrink at all. They are Made in Italy.

They have a selection of linen and cotton canvasses as well, but they may need soaking.

I paid 25,- Euro for shipping my last order from Italy (Zorloni is the actual company) to Germany. Will likely be significantly more to the US.
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