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Quality mid-range shoes in Australia

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Hi all,

Any suggestions for quality mid-range men's shoe brands available in Australia? I'd be willing to spend around $400 per pair.

Hit me up!
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i asked a similar question not too long ago in to aus thread.




check out that page and the following pages


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Where are you located? It will be easier to give suggestions if people know where you are based.

For boots - elastic-sided and jodhpur boots, at least - RM Williams really cannot be beaten.

For some other choices, you can have a look at my rather Brisbane-biased post in the "Australian Members" thread - click here.

There's a bit of other discussion in the Oz Member's thread, too, so it's often worth dipping your toe into the thread and having a look to see whether anyone's posted anything relevant recently.

Unfortunately, however, in relation to your original question, there's really not a great deal around that is reasonably priced in terms of dress shoes in Australia. Aquila are awful, most of the stuff in DJs is awful, all of the stuff in Myer is abominable, and they are pretty much all overpriced in terms of their quality, as a lot of the shoes are made from cheap leather, with fabric (not leather) linings, and glued (instead of stitched) soles.
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