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Do you wear an undershirt? Why? - Page 11

Poll Results: Do you wear an undershirt?

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  • 35% (123)
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I used to wear a crew neck until my recent style education, now I wear a V neck.


Protects the shirt from body oils, especially the underarms...

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In addition to the multiple reasons listed above, two words: "Batman Forever".

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If you wear a dress shirt but not an undershirt you should try wearing one. I never noticed other people's sweat patches until it dawned on me how much cleaner my own shirts looked once wearing an undershirt.  Trouble is... People won't tell you but pit sweat isn't well regarded :)

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I'm with Clark Gable on this one.
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Originally Posted by bullswin View Post

Yes. I sweat more than most people. Undershirts help soak up my underarm sweat so that everyone doesn't see large darker/wet spots in my armpit areas. Almost all of my undershirts are grey with a deep vneck, so they're almost entirely undetectable.

+1 I wear very thin, light grey, merino wool undershirts from Icebreaker. They're not cheap, but are really top notch and work perfectly.

If more guys knew that light grey tshirts are far less visible under dress shirts than white tshirts are, more guys would ditch their white tshirts.
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Practically speaking, it of course all comes down to personal preference. If you feel comfortable or more confident wearing an undershirt, or think that it helps hide sweat, then by all means go for it. Personally, I find the notion that an undershirt is necessary in hot weather to be a fallacy; I lived in Southeast Asia for 2.5 years, and I found that when I wore an undershirt, not only would I would sweat much more than normal due to the extra layer of fabric, the sweat would then take longer to dry because it had saturated a layer of jersey material in addition to the quicker-drying cotton of my outer shirt. In terms of the visibility of the sweat from the outside, it seemed about the same either way--hence, no undershirt for me.

From a style/aesthetics standpoint, however, I don't think it's really debatable. If your undershirt is visible, that means you're either wearing an open-collar shirt with a crew neck T-shirt under it, or your shirt is so transparent that your undershirt is visible through it. Either way, you're doing something wrong. If you feel the need to wear an undershirt and you're not buttoning your top button, why not just go with a v-neck? And if your undershirt is visible THROUGH your shirt, then your shirt is too thin, plain and simple.
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Must be a lot of sweaty people in this threak?

Surprised the StyleforumRobot hasn't picked it as a headline best of SF showcase thread yet.
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Originally Posted by pebblegrain View Post

Laundry works too.

Yellow pit stains are caused by antiperspirants with aluminum content - not sweat itself. Those stains never completely wash out on something like a white shirt. Companies like Speedstick now market a stainguard line of products specifically to address this.
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I typically avoid undershirts due to the lines and the white showing through some shirts. Saw this on tumblr.

What do you guys think? I was thinking it be useful during days when the heat gets really bad. During winters, I think a jacket/overcoat would be more ideal.

It's pricy for a undershirt though. Has anyone ever worn bamboo?
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Cool - I'll bite if they just become available direct from a website without having to pledge the whole kickstarter thing and wait for it to get started. The off-white is a good idea - for me having dark skin, you can clearly see the outline of a white t-shirt underneath a white shirt if I take my jacket off.
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I almost never wear an undershirt with casual wear (oxfords or other button downs on nights and weekends).

As I posted before, for work, I do wear them in the winter (where I want the extra layer) and the summer (where it is way too humid in NYC not to wear one). We are entering prime non-undershirt wearing weather now.
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I dont wear one. I don't like the extra bulk.
However I don't find it odd to wear one.
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Normal undershirts tend to bunch up but the Funkybod undershirt is fitted and stretchy. Of course it adds bulk to the pecs and arms but looks great IMO.  I sometimes wear a t-shirt under a shirt as an extra layer but that's not really a proper undershirt garment.

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More importantly, do you fold or scrunch?

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Undershirts? No. But when it's freezing, I sometimes wear a heather grey tank top underneath the shirt.
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