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In like 21 years of my life, I RARELY use lotion, I dont feel that I have any use of it... but as for now, for some reason I felt that I shud start using lotion. So (ahem), which product will you recommend, Id like to have a scented lotion as well as its quality. Not peach scented like in bath & body works shop, but with a more masculine scent. Thanks
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Lubriderm is the best all-purpose lotion. You can use it on your hands, face, body parts, etc. etc. Don't waste your money on brand-names or "speciality lotions." Just gimmicks. Use your money on wiser purchases.
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GQL is right, they're all the same, i use Lubriderm extra strength or whatever its called for my hands after i work out or play golf. Just make sure you get unscented or you'll end up smelling like a girl. The more expensive ones just smell better, Kiehls is supposedly the best.
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I actually sort of make my own. Or should I say 'customize' my own. I usually use Nivea Creme. It's what you may call a 'hard' or 'firm' cream. I take some of this, and mix in small amounts of the following: olive oil, grape seed extract, Vit. B5, Vit. E Oil, Tea Tree Oil, AHA serum and some ground sage. I have never used anything better... Allen
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kiehl's makes a great "all over hand and body lotion pour homme with oatmeal and aloe vera", has a great masculine sort of spicey smell to it
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