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Enzo Custom Clothiers Philadelphia?

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Has anyone had any experiences with Enzo Custom Clothiers in either New York or Philadelphia? Their prices seem to be extremely reasonable, especially with the 25% discount they offer Temple University students, employees, and alumni. I'm about to do a little more research (and potentially schedule a fitting), but I figured styleforum would be a pretty good place to get input.


Thanks a lot,


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I'm curious to know this as well, as I've seen their advertisements recently.

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It's an MTM operation.  Shirts and Suits are manufactured in China.


I ordered a white dress shirt with french cuffs about 5 weeks ago.  I went in for a fitting yesterday.  There were a few problems with the shirt.  Chest, waist, and sleeves were a good 2" roomier.  Shoulder was also wider by about 1/4".  


The guy who measured me, Rafi, said the factory probably adjusted the measurements because of the size of my chest (41").  For reference, a brooks brothers 15.5/32 extra slim fit fits me well.  


Anyway, Rafi decided that it will be too much of an alteration so he will have the shirt remade.  


I would also like to add that a very tall and slim guy was just finishing his suit and shirt fitting.  He seems to be very happy with his purchase.  I got the impression that his suit and shirt went through some adjustment locally.  


They have Loro Piana, VBC and Zegna fabrics in addition to their standard line.  

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Bump - any update / anyone in NYC tried these guys yet? 

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Bump .

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