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The morning sequence

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I know the general face cleaning sequence is clean, tone, moisturize, but where does shaving fit into this sequence? Should one shave after toning and before moisturizing?  Or tone again after shaving?  Or shave before everything?
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Shave before everything (except an initial washing). When you shave, you are not only wiping off everything you just put on, put the top layer of skin. Therefore, anything that you just put on, would be removed. I generally shave before I shower. This way, any knicks/cuts are washed out and clot by the time I get out. Then, I start my toninng, moisturizing, etc.
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The actual sequence can vary depending upon your individual needs or preferences, but what I think is the best sequence (for me at least) is this: Cleanse before shaving.  This enables you to get a better, closer shave, particularly if you use a blade (as opposed to electric- I alternate between the two).  Shaving an unclean face can introduce all sorts of problems, and the hot water softens and eases the process. After shaving, tone (for those keeping score, I'm a big proponent of Kiehl's Blue Herbal Astringent).  Toning freshly cleansed and shaved skin maximizes the benefit you get from doing so. Then, moisturize.  Also, if there's anything else you do (i.e. in the winter, I use Aramis Healthy Look Gel), now is the time to do that, to finish off the sequence.
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