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forget the clothes. i dig that pose. i'll have to steal that one the next time someone takes my picture.
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Haha, thanks guys. Those are actually the Dior Homme ripped jeans from Strip. The sneakers are from the same collection and the shirt is by 'You'. I had never heard of it before. I bought it from a neat little shop in Nice, France. I guess I do stand out a little here in my small Canadian city. But, I like it that way. Of course, that's not really everyday wear for me.
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The shirt is by Tommy Hilfiger.  
I've got that exact same one Good taste.
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bottom row, first from the left?
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the curly head guy? nope i'm the one with the classy tshirt on
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the "KOOL" t-shirt?
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yep, that's moi'
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Same Hughes that played for Tech in the early 90's of slam dunk and scoring fame?
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Stu, You mean you aren't that guy in the upper right (background) trying desparately to get into the picture?
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johnms: how do you know that? that's too far back versace: normally it would be me trying foolishly to ruin a picture, but i am the one in the fancy KOOL shirt
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Your about me on eBay has you dunking the ball during a game, and I remember reading about your scoring. I've been to Lubbock a number of times, but have yet to watch a game in person. Beautiful basketball facility there.
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yep it's a great place to watch. i sit front row (not gucci row i.e. on the court) but the original front row just off center. gotta sell some clothes to pay for those tix..
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Disco: Is that by any chance Tom Geyer in the center? He's the kid who transferred from Indiana to become a Grad Assistant for Knight.
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wow, geyer's got some fans. yeah he played on our intramural team. good guy, won a game for us in the semis
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