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When is your next 007 movie, Mr. Thracozaag? And who is the tailor in the said picture, btw?
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It's a little movie entitled "Goldfinger(s), Part II" Apparently 007 goes deep undercover as a suit-wearing, gambling, and of course, gin-swilling pianist. You know the DVD for Dr. No has a wonderful little featurette on the clothing for the film. The shirts were definitely T & A, and he used a Savile Row tailor, but the name escapes me now.
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...or perhaps..."GOLDENTHUMB"
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Connery's tailor: Anthony Sinclair
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mistahlee, i always assumed you were asian.
Neither asian nor young.  
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Connery's tailor: Anthony Sinclair
Yup. In fact, Anthony Sinclair, of 29 Conduit Street, created the "conduit" cut. Fleming's own tailor was Benson, Perry and Whitley of Cork Street. "Did you break anything?" "Only my tailor's heart."
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ppl should seriously consider posting updated pictures as time passes, so that we can spot those among us who age well. maybe you could share your youth preserving secrets with the rest of us =) anyway here is my contribution after having cropped out a psycho ex gf...
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Good point - I've of course not changed a bit but the little guy has. Here we are, spending the day at home passing time taking pictures. I'm sporting a magic T&A shirt that goes with anything. We took a bunch of pictures in this session but this is the only one that had us both looking presentable. <Current image later in thread>
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Since I'm just new to the forum I consider this a proper way to introduce myself
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Gotta love the wonderful dorm room setting.
Who makes that shirt, Navy? I swear I have that same one...
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The shirt is by Tommy Hilfiger. And, now I feel like posting a new picture, so here we go...
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I guess it's best time I post my picture.
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Ahh, here we go:
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Are those Dior Homme Luster jeans, and a John Richmond shirt? I'm not terribly sure on the shirt though.
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Ahh, here we go: ...
Whoa man, awesome look. I dig the haircut. You must look like a freak amongst the flannel shirt, hiking boot-wearing canadians (I mean that in a good way).
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