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recent trip to NYC

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Nice hat Bob. The future Mrs. looks great too. Well done!
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Originally Posted by rdawson808
recent trip to NYC

that is a great hat you are wearing - her hat is also very stylish. you two make a great couple.
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Agree on the hat choices! Awesome view behind you too!
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I like how the b&w and the breaks in the glass behind you combine to give the photo a vintage newsreel feel ... I can almost hear the "News of the World" announcer.
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Great shot Bob!
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Thanks for the comments guys. That was Easter morning and we had walked through the parade earlier. Next time I need to wear a jacket to finish off the outfit.

We think we make a pretty good couple too, thanks GT!

I purposefully did in BW to give it that effect. We thought it would look pretty cool--the only way it could look better is if the Empire State Building were under construction. Unfortunately our view of our preferred building, the Chrysler Building, was completely blocked up there.

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Originally Posted by rdawson808
We think we make a pretty good couple too, thanks GT!
The photo reminds me of fifties' jazz hipsters, with the beret and the Sinatra-ish hat. And that's a very sincere piece of praise, coming from me.
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With my thrift store suit back from the tailor, and my new Boss suit, I'm now pretty set for dressier and/or formal events :dance:

Please imagine ties with this. I have one beatiful orange and a skinny red silk one. Also excuse my bad photography skills. The clothes probably all fit better than in the pictures, the perspective is a bit skewed for one. Also excuse my messy room.

Oh and feel free to come with suggestions.

Gray-brown herringbone three piece thrift store suit. Blue shirt, burgundy Acne belt, burgundy jodphurs.


Club blazer with my dad's high school emblem. Ralph Lauren checkered white-purple shirt. Ralph Lauren belt. Morris chinos. Black chelseas (not seen).

Now the crown jewel. Charcoal Hugo Boss suit. Fits like a dream, whatever the picture might tell you. I might get the legs slimmed down, though. Black chelseas. Slim fit 2-ply shirt with french cuffs.

And finally, my old tweed blazer, shirt by Velour, Acne Mod Dry clean, Acne burgundy belt, burgundy/cherry brogues.

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I rather like the last outfit, I must say. How heavy is that tweed coat?
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Originally Posted by skalogre
I rather like the last outfit, I must say. How heavy is that tweed coat?
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I like your dry clean Acne.
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Originally Posted by Owen
I showed the pic to my girlfriend, guess what she said!!!
"The second guy from the left is the most handsome man I've ever seen!"?
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That's me coming home from an examination, just standing outside the house. It's rather sunny so please excuse the look on my face and the clip-ons. The sleeves are both the same length in nature and the pants fall better (weird posture). I was/ still am wearing a pair of wonderful Crockett& Jones Handgrade Audley's in Dark Brown (or whatever the name of the color is- I've used lighter polish to brighten up the cap-toe a bit and I'm coming along in giving those shoes some great artificial patina; I can post a picture if that's the wish of the forum as I've plenty of free time by now). On the cuffs I'm wearing a pair of monogrammed sterling cufflinks I got for my 18th birthday (almost precisesly a year old by now). All the clothes are private label things for my local haberdasher made in Italy for him (good store- has plenty of Borrelli and Barba I can get pretty cheap from time to time). The jacket is a 3-to-2 button, fully (machine-)canvassed, side vented jacket with pick-stitching and a ticket pocket. The shirt is a nice and hard to describe fabric (I'll try to get a picture under sunlight tomorrow), spread collar and FC's. The pants are a fairly heavy twill that is very sof to the touch and actually holds a crease quite well. PS is light blue linen with had-rolled whith edge. If it does anything for you- I did sport a bit more pocket square in the morning when I headed out. Later in the evening I didn't care anymore because I got the girl (I've been after for about two years by then)! I did continue to wear the tie while picnicking/ celebrating the end of school with some champagne in the park though. Not very creative but a nice and conservative outfit to get oneself through the day. I'm realizing only now that the refernece to my hometown, the Hanseatic city of Bremen, was not a smart idea on an american message board (He's german, his name is Hans... In fact it's Nils).
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Hans, very nice pic. I really dig the way your jacket fits you. +1 on the tie choice as well.
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